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Jennifer Grandis

University of California, San Francisco
Professor of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Associate Vice-Chancellor of Clinical and Translational Research 
Director of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute 
San Francisco, Calif., USA
“Precision Oral Cancer Medicine”

This lecture is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Dentsply Sirona.


FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2018

Randolph M. Nesse

Arizona State University
Foundation Professor of Life Sciences
Founding Director, Center for Evolution & Medicine
Tempe, Ariz., USA
“Evolutionary Foundations for Dental Research and Practice”


Robert H. Lustig

University of California, San Francisco
Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology
Member, Institute for Health Policy Studies
San Francisco, Calif., USA
“Tooth Decay and Liver Decay: The Nexus of Physicians and Dentists”



Craniofacial Biology
Keynote Address: What Big Teeth You Have: The Rodent Incisor as a Model for Adult Stem Cell Biology
Ophir Klein

Cariology Research
Combating Recurrent Caries: Hydrophobic and Antibiofilm Peptide-coated Dentin
Dina Moussa (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA)


Dental Materials
Keynote Address: Current Understanding of Tetragonal Zirconia Phase Stability
Grace De Souza (University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Keynote Address: Visible Dental Solutions: Triggering Smarter, Faster, More Versatile Polymer Systems
Joe Oxman (3M Oral Care, Saint Paul, Minn., USA)

Keynote Address: Titanium Oxide Coatings Showing Photocatalytic Activity and Enhanced Osteoblast Response
Michael Roach (University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, USA)

Keynote Address: Is the Dentin Enamel Junction Important to Durability of the Bonded Interface?
Dwayne Arola (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)

Keynote Address: Increasing Confidence in Measurements of Biofilm-Material Interactions
Nancy Lin (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Md., USA)

Keynote Address: Light Beam Inhomogeneity From Curing Lights: Is This a Problem?
Richard Price (Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Keynote Address: Mechanism of Tooth Whitening
So Ran Kwon (Loma Linda University, Calif., USA)

Keynote Address: Factors Affecting the Survival of Implant-supported Ceramic-ceramic Prostheses: A Translational Approach
Josephine Esquivel-Upshaw (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA)

Keynote Address: How Simple is Osseointegration
Lyndon R. Cooper (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)

Keynote Address: Clinical and Translational Research is Key to Improving Peri-implant Prognoses  

Diane M. Daubert (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)

Mineralized Tissue  
Keynote Address: Progress Toward Understanding Enamel FormationKeynote Address: Current Insight into the Mechanism of Vertebrate Mineralization 
Jan Ching Chun Hu (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)


Pediatric Oral Health Research 
Keynote Address: Incorporating Pediatric Dental Research into Community-based Service and Education
Scott L. Tomar (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA)

Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research
Keynote Address: The Role of Infection and Disinfection in Dental Pulp Regeneration
Ashraf F. Fouad (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA)

Salivary Research 
Keynote Address: Truth and Mysteries of Saliva
Frank Oppenheim (Boston University, Mass., USA)


Bioactive Materials
Organizer(s): Carolyn Primus (Primus Consulting, Sarasota, Fla., USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Dental Materials Research, Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research 

Continuing and Supporting Your Research
Organizer(s): Tanner Godfrey (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  National Student Research Group, Student Training and Research (STAR) Network, Women in Science Network 

Current Challenges and Future Directions in Regenerative Endodontics
Organizer(s): Anibal Diogenes (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research

Current Status on Osteonecrosis of the Jaw Translational Research
Organizer(s): Jose Aguirre (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA), Tara Aghaloo (University of California, Los Angeles, USA), Ichiro Nishimura (University of California, Los Angeles, USA), Donald Kimmel (Kimmel Consulting Services,Gainesville, Fla., USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Oral Medicine & Pathology Research, Prosthodontics Research

Dental Oral Craniofacial Tissue Regeneration Consortia: A New Paradigm
Organizer(s): David Kohn (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA), Jeff Lotz (University of California, San Francisco, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Stem Cell Biology Research, Mineralized Tissue, Craniofacial Biology

Genetic and Epigenetic Characterization of Pulpal Inflammation
Organizer(s): Ashraf Fouad (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research

Immunological Therapeutics for Periodontal Disease
Organizer(s): Barbara Nikolajczyk (Boston University, Mass., USA), Xiaozhe Han (The Forsyth Institute, Cambridge, Mass., USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Microbiology/Immunology, Periodontology Research

Immunotherapeutic Strategies Targeting Head and Neck Cancer
Organizer(s): Anh Le (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA), Simon Young (University of Texas Health Science, Houston, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Implant-Tissue Interface: Current Challenges and Opportunities
Organizer(s): Binnaz Leblebicioglu (The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Implantology Research, Periodontology Research

Life and Re-birth of Odontoblasts: Biology and Clinical Implications
Organizer(s): Jeremy Mao (Columbia University, New York, NY, USA), Jian Feng (Texas A&M University, Dallas, USA )
Sponsoring Group/Network: Stem Cell Biology Research, Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research, Craniofacial Biology

Metabolites Shape the Human Oral Microbiome
Organizer(s): Hui Wu (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Microbiology/Immunology

Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: From Diagnosis to Clinical Management
Organizer(s): Ana Paula Dias Ribeiro (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA), Soraya Leal (University of Brasilia)
Sponsoring Group/Network: Cariology Research

Moving Dental Composites Beyond Methacrylate-based Resins
Organizer(s): Jeffrey Stansbury (University of Colorado, Aurora, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network: Dental Materials Research

National Dental PBRN: Advancing Research to Integrate Medical and Dental Care
Organizer(s): Valeria Gordan (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA), Joseph Riley (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA), Deborah McEdward (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA)
Supported by: National Dental PBRN, National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research

‘Omics and Oral Biofilms
Organizer(s): Kuei-Ling Hsu (University of Maryland, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network: Cariology Research

Optimizing the Mechanics and Biology of Implant Osseointegration
Organizer(s): Jill Helms (Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif., USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Implantology Research
Supported by: Nobel Biocare

Pulp Vascularization in Pathology and Regeneration
Organizer(s): Imad About (Aix-Marseille University, France)
Sponsoring Group/Network:  Pulp Biology & Regeneration Research

Salivaomics: Saliva Extracellular RNA (exRNA) & Saliva Proteome Wiki
Organizer(s): David Wong (University of California,Los Angeles, USA )
Sponsoring Group/Network: Salivary Research, Diagnostic Sciences
Supported by: Extracellular RNA Communication Consortium

Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis: Clinical Needs and Current Animal Models
Organizer(s): Eric Granquist (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Neuroscience

The Oral Bacterial Microbiome and Mycobiome in Health and Disease
Organizer(s): Clifford Beall (The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network: Microbiology/Immunology

The Novel Insights of Proteoglycans in Mineralized Tissues
Organizer(s): Xiaofang Wang (Baylor College of Dentistry, Texas, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network: Mineralized Tissue, Craniofacial Biology

Three-dimensional Printing and Bioprinting for Tissue Engineering
Organizer(s): Binnaz Leblebicioglu (The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA)
Sponsoring Group/Network: Implantology Research, Periodontology Research

Transforming Oral Health Through Science and Evidence-based Practice
Organizer(s): Marcelo Araujo (American Dental Association, Chicago, Ill. USA)
Supported by: American Dental Association

Your Invention from Great Idea to patent: “The Journey”
Organizer(s): Sharon Stanford (American Dental Association, Chicago, Ill., USA)
Supported by: ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products