Oral Health Among the Top 10 Public Health Successes Over the Last 20 Years in Australia:


2018 IADR/PER General Session & Exhibition in London, England (July 25-28, 2018):

All proposed GOHIRN symposia (x2) and workshop have been accepted by the IADR Annual Session Committee for the 2018 IADR/PER General Session & Exhibition, London in a very competitive field of applications for symposia.

"Inverting the Pyramid: Designing an Integrated Workforce for Disease Prevention"

"Leveraging the NCD Alliance for Prioritising Global Oral Health Research"

“Working in partnership to transform lives and address health inequalities” (Hands-on Workshop)


Moreover, the following events that have been co-sponsored by GOHIRN have also been accepted:

“Implementing an integrated approach to the measurement of oral health”

“Reducing oral health inequalities in Indigenous children; results from international trials”

“Universal Oral Health Coverage: Giving Shape to a Concept"