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Meeting Services

  • Abstracts Submission
    IADR Divisions and Sections have the option to utilize the ScholarOne online abstracts program to receive, review and schedule abstracts for their local meetings. IADR Global Headquarters provides this service to Divisions and Sections as a membership benefit.
    Please complete the IADR Abstracts Form and allow six weeks for set up. Any further questions regarding abstract submission can be directed to
  • Offline Abstracts Submission
  • If your Division/Region/Section opts to collect abstracts outside of the IADR’s ScholarOne Abstracts system, the data must be submitted to IADR Global Headquarters in the format in the Offline Abstract Collection Template. We are unable to accept abstracts for upload to the abstract archive in any other formats. Questions may be directed to Kourtney Skinner, senior manager of publications and abstracts, at
  • English Language Assistance Program (ELAP)
    IADR/AADR offers an English Language Assistance Program (ELAP) to assist non-native English speaking abstracts submitters during the abstracts submission process. This program is made possible through the generous support of our IADR/AADR colleagues who have agreed to volunteer. IADR/AADR hopes that this program will encourage individuals to submit abstracts for meetings by facilitating the improvement of English language skills within the research community. ELAP participants are required to submit their abstracts twice – once to the program for editing and matching with a volunteer, and again to the meeting abstract submission site after English language editing has been completed.
    Individuals interested in applying for the ELAP and who intend to submit a meeting abstract should visit for more information. If you have any questions regarding the ELAP, or would like to volunteer as a reviewer, please contact
  • Meeting Space during IADR General Session/AADR Annual Meeting
    IADR Divisions and Sections may schedule meeting space during the IADR General Session and/or AADR Annual Meeting to hold business meetings, executive officer meetings or other events. All requests will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis as space is available.
    More information on submitting meeting space requests will be available on the meeting websites at and

Membership Outreach and Information

  • IADR/AADR Data Governance Policy
    The IADR/AADR Data Governance Policy is intended to provide the greatest possible access by the Associations’ members and volunteer leaders to information in the membership database and define terms of use for member data. It also is prepared to be in compliance with applicable laws. This policy is intended to ensure that IADR/AADR protects the data it maintains and assure that data is used in a fair and responsible manner in accordance with the IADR and AADR Privacy Policies. Please visit to view the full policy
  • E-blasts/Email Marketing
    The IADR Global Headquarters is able to provide assistance with disseminating messaging to your audience. If you have a message you need to send, please contact Erika Duffy, membership benefits coordinator, at to coordinate scheduling. Once your context is prepared, send it to Erika Duffy for layout and distribution. These same instructions apply to newsletters, elections notices, business meetings and general news updates.
  • Membership Lists
    Current officers may request an electronic membership list for their Division/Section membership list. To take advantage of this benefit, please contact Erika Duffy, membership benefits coordinator, at
  • Membership Payment Guidelines
    IADR Division/Section Officers often send lists of renewing and new members to IADR Global Headquarters for processing by various methods of payment (Holding Account funds, Adopt-a-Member funds, wire transfers, check or credit card). To ensure efficiency in entering membership payments, IADR Global Headquarters has developed a Membership Payment Template. Officers may complete this file with the necessary information for each member. Below are instructions for completing this template:
    • Please complete as much information as possible. IADR requires a mailing address to mail membership cards, and an email address for important communications.
    • If a member is a renewing/past member, please enter their Member ID in the appropriate column. New members can be designated with NEW in the Member ID column.
    • If a member is a student, please select one of the student types from the column marked  Student Type using the drop-down box provided, and provide a graduation date in the column marked Expected Graduation Date.
    • Members and Student Members are required to select one included Scientific Group/Network as part of their IADR membership. Please select a Group/Network from the drop-down box in the column marked Scientific Group /Networks.
    • If you have more than 25 member names to submit, please complete a separate file using the template for additional names.
    • Please save the template as Membership Payment (ex. Chinese Division Membership Payment 2016) .
    • If you have more than one file to submit, please place List at the end of additional files (ex. Chinese Division Membership Payment 2016 List 2)

?Membership payment lists and any additional questions regarding the process may be directed to Erika Duffy, membership benefits coordinator, at

  • Election Assistance
    IADR can provide guidance and resources to IADR Divisions/Sections for their officer elections. Any IADR Division/Section planning an officer election must complete the Election Start Up Form.

    IADR has also developed an Election Best Practices Guide to assist our volunteer leaders in the governance process. Any further questions regarding officer elections can be directed to Erika Duffy, membership benefits coordinator, at  
  • Adopt-a-Member Program
    The IADR Adopt-a-Member Program began in 1996. The purpose of the program was to provide IADR members with the opportunity to support colleagues who did not have the means to become a member and also support oral and dental researchers in developing parts of the world.

    The 2014 Adopt-a-Member Program supported 97 members from six Divisions and Sections. During the 2014 membership year, over $6,500 USD was collected from corporate sponsors and individual members.

    IADR members can contribute to the Adopt-a-Member Program during the annual dues invoicing process. Donations collected during the current membership year are then available to eligible Divisions/Sections in the following membership year.

    Please visit for program details and eligibility requirements. Any questions regarding the Adopt-a-Member Program can be sent to Erika Duffy, membership benefits coordinator, at

Marketing and Branding Tools

  • Webpage hosting
    IADR has created and employed branding standards and style guides to maintain a consistent look across marketing and communications pieces. As an IADR Division/Section officer, you’re able to have a Web page that IADR will host. A standard page includes an officers list, bylaws, applicable newsletters and any awards news you wish to include. Please contact Christopher Flow, Membership E-benefits Coordinator, at if you have a Web page that needs to be updated or if you’re ready to launch a Web page for your Division/Section. 
  • PowerPoint presentation templates
    If you have a PowerPoint Presentation and wish to include information about IADR, please contact Ingrid Thomas, marketing and communications manager, at The Association will provide slides informational slides about IADR publications, meetings, awards and general information. The IADR PowerPoint template may be used for these slides and the others in your presentation.

Awards and Recognition

  • Certificate Template Design
    If you need to have a customized certificate created to recognize someone in your Division/Section, IADR is able to help with the template design. For examples or to order your complimentary template, please contact Ingrid Thomas, marketing and communications manager, at The template will be sent electronically or if you need printed copies made, please allow time for IADR to print and mail the certificates (nominal fee for the mailing option to cover the costs of goods and postage).