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The award commenced in 1992 and is awarded annually. Nominations are reviewed by a BMF/IADR Committee. The individual selected will receive a monetary award of $3,500 and a plaque, which will be presented at the Opening Ceremonies of the IADR General Session & Exhibition

Loc Do

The University of Adelaide, Australia

2017 Recipient 

Margherita Fontana

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA

2016 Recipient

Eino Honkala

Kuwait University, Kuwait City

2015 Recipient 

Anne Maguire

Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

2014 Recipient 

Anthony Blinkhorn

The University of Sydney, Westmead, Australia

2013 Recipient 

A. John Spencer

The University of Adelaide, Australia

2012 Recipient 

Svante Twetman

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 Recipient 

James S. Wefel

University of Iowa, USA

2010 Recipient 

Lars Petersson

Maxillofacial Unit, Halmstad Hospital, Sweden

2009 Recipient 

Michael Lennon

England, UK

2008 Recipient 

Alberto Villa

Institute of Nutrition & Technology, Chile

2007 Recipient 

Poul Erik Petersen

World Health Organization, Denmark

2011 Recipient