I. President’s Activities


Immediately after annual IADR meeting

• Review minutes of business meeting and executive committee meetings for other activities assigned to the President and relevant deadlines

• Make sure that announcement of the Giddon Award winner for the current year (after AADR in years with split meetings) and information about the nomination process with contact information for the next year is current on BEHSR Website

• Make sure that the Program Chair, Symposium Coordinator, and Second Year Directors understand the process for the IADR Outstanding Student Abstract Award
By November 1

• BEHSR Annual Report is due. Past reports are included in supporting materials. Central Office will provide past reports, if necessary

• JDR asks for nominations for the editorial board (short turn-around)

• Other business issues will be sent to Group Presidents from Central Office as needed (e.g., IADR Group consolidation, AADR Student Research (with Secretary-Treasurer)

By January 15

• Process for Lion Dental Research Award should be underway – initiated by Central Office Staff

• Nominations (supporting letter, abstract) go directly to Central Office
• BEHSR Review Committee (designated as President-elect, President, and Immediate Past President)

• Copies of the applications are sent to each person on the Review Committee with the President as lead/contact person

• Each person individually ranks nominees and then discusses discrepancies until there is a consensus on the winner.

Prior to Annual Meeting(s)

• Receive officer reports (Election; Giddon Award; Outstanding Student Abstract Award)

II. Past President

The Past President is responsible for soliciting nominations for BEHSR Group officers and conducting the annual election. Criteria for BEHSR Group officers and the Nominations [and election] Process are fully described in Article V --- Nomination of Officers, BEHSR Bylaws 1998. The past president must be familiar with Article V, including the requirement to distribute a call for nominations to the membership at least three months prior to the annual IADR meeting and to send ballots by mail or electronically (via the BEHSR list serve) to the membership at least four weeks prior to the annual meeting of the IADR. All candidates must be paid members of group in year prior to nomination. Only active, honorary, or life members may vote. Student members have no vote. IADR Central Office can assist in determining BEHSR membership status of nominees and those who cast votes. Please note that there are student and former BEHSR members on the list serve. Membership status can become important when the election is close.

III. President Elect

• Work with President to assist with Annual Report preparation.

• Contact major partner organizations (NIDCR, FDI, APHA, AAPHD, ADA) for newsworthy items

• Post newsworthy items on the website and communicate these to membership. This could be done on a monthly basis or as the need arises.

IV. Secretary/Treasurer

Primary duties include:
• Coordinate with President in establishing agenda for business meeting and Executive Committee meetings - January-February (AADR/IADR) and May (when separate IADR meeting)
• Distribute agenda and annual financial report at annual business
• Mail out first Executive Committee agenda prior to meetings - January-February (AADR/IADR) and May (when separate IADR meeting)
• Record minutes at Executive Committee and business meetings
• Distribute “draft” minutes after annual meeting, highlighting significant activities and action steps (2-3 weeks after annual meeting)
• After receiving comments from Executive Committee members, (1) send “final” minutes of business and both executive committee meetings to Executive Committee members and (2) send a copy of the business meeting minutes to the BEHSR website for posting (2-3 weeks after receiving comments about draft minutes)
• Receive and disburse funds relating to the BEHSR Group, including: quarterly dues receipt from IADR central office; IADR/AADR reception; awards; and webmaster (ongoing)

• Maintain monthly balance ledger (ongoing)

• Submit annual financial report to IADR central office (January)

• Provide Group’s financial status report at annual business meeting

• Coordinate with Secretary/Treasurer of the Geriatric Oral Research Group, Cariology Group, and Nutrition Group for arrangements (i.e., room, refreshments, and hors d’ oeuvres) of the joint reception at annual meeting. This also includes determining the proportional Group assessment – based on number of abstracts – for the reception. Work with other Groups in determining which Group will take the lead role for subsequent annual meeting.

• Serve as Group’s liaison with IADR central office concerning membership issues.

• Request from IADR central office an annual membership list. Check membership list against the quarterly dues receipts. (February)

• Submit electronic confirmation requests concerning executive committee (2) and business meetings (September- October for AADR)

• Report membership update at Executive Committee meeting.

• Maintain BEHSR list serve and, as authorized by Executive Committee, communicate with BEHSR membership via the listserv.

• Maintain and update the BEHSR website, as authorized by the Executive Committee.

• Request nominations for IADR/AADR Councilor positions from group membership. Organize Executive Committee’s appointment of Councilors. Notify all candidates and group membership of outcome of appointment process.

• When asked and with guidance from the President or Executive Committee, write official correspondence on behalf of BEHSR Group.

• When asked and with guidance from the President or Executive Committee, prepare Annual Report for submission to the IADR Central Office and to be placed on BEHSR Website.

V. Program Chair

• Attend Group Program Chairs meetings at IADR and AADR meetings

• Serve as primary contact with IADR central office on BEHSR program planning

• Coordinate proposals for symposia, workshops, and lunch and learn sessions with Symposium Coordinator (DUE EARLY AUGUST)

• Provide names and contact info for abstract reviewers (Two 1st year Directors, Symposium Coordinator, and Program Chair) to IADR central office (BY AUGUST)

• Refer suggested abstract transfers to IADR central office

• Serve as reviewer for all abstract submissions

• Make final decision on acceptance or rejection of abstracts

• Place accepted abstracts into oral, poster, or poster presentation sessions

• Select desired time slots for sessions

• Approve final program

• Select finalists for BEHSR Outstanding Student Abstract Award

VI. Symposium Coordinator

• Solicit topics, speakers, panels for joint symposia for Annual meetings

• Work with Central Office to adhere to IADR/AADR deadlines

• Contact members/executive committee for topics for lunch and learn sessions

• Review abstracts with Program Chair and participate in developing program for annual session

• Upon completion of one year as symposium coordinator, take over Program Chair responsibilities

VII. Third Year Directors

Assigned Duty: Giddon Award


check for presence of announcement with IADR/AADR (website and newsletter)
arrange for inclusion of announcement on BEHSR website and communicate to membership

begin to identify judges

finalize judge selection, ask judges to solicit nominations

after last date for nominations, distribute nominated papers to judges

re-contact the judges as necessary to receive rankings by due date (typically mid Jan)
determine winner
notify winner
notify Dr. Giddon
request preparation of certificate from IADR headquarter
notify treasurer of winner, request preparation of check .

prepare program for handout at BEHSR meeting

bring 70 copies of program to BEHSR meeting, present award.
*for combined AADR/IADR meetings. For years with separate meetings the award is presented at the IADR meeting.

VIII. Second Year Directors

IADR Outstanding Student Abstract Award

The international second-year director is contact person for the IADR Outstanding Student Abstract Award


At Conclusion of Abstract Review for Annual Meeting

Program Chair selects those abstracts with average scores of 2 or less where student is identified as the presenter.

The review committee is comprised of the Program Chair, Symposium Coordinator, Second-year Directors

The review committee ranks the abstracts based on scientific rigor, relevance and potential impact.

Winner based on ranks is selected.

The lead second-year director

Confirms with the student’s adviser: 1) student status and 2) if the student is not the first author, that the student’s contributions to the project warrant receipt of the award.
Once confirmation has been completed, informs the student
Informs the secretary-treasurer of the name of the winner
Orders certificate from Central Office (Contact the Director of Meetings)

Prior to Annual Meeting
Prepare officer report for President 

At Annual Meeting

Present award

IX. First Year Directors

Assist in the review of abstracts submitted for annual meeting with the Program Chair.

X. Councilor to IADR/Alternate Councilor to IADR

• The Alternate IADR Councilor will step in for the IADR Councilor on those occasions that the Councilor is unable to fulfill the responsibilities of the office.

• The office entails the ability to attend IADR Council meetings, held at locations throughout the world. It should be noted that BEHSR is not able to provide travel funds.

• The Group IADR Councilor is the conduit between the IADR Council and the Group. Council meets annually, in conjunction with the IADR/AADR meeting.

• The IADR Councilor will report back to the Group after the council meeting. This has customarily entailed, during annual meetings, reporting back to the Exec Committee at its meeting(s), as well as reporting back to the Group at the BEHSR business meeting.

• The Councilor will usually receive a manual of materials in advance of the meeting, so that he/she will be prepared to participate in the discussion, or raise issues of particular importance to the Group. The BEHSR Councilor to IADR now has a vote on Council.

XI. Councilor to AADR

• The BEHSR Councilor to AADR represents the Group at the AADR Council meeting. AADR Council meetings are potentially located in the United States, Mexico, or Canada.

• The Council meets annually, in conjunction with the AADR or the AADR/IADR meeting. It should be noted that BEHSR is not able to provide travel funds.

• The AADR Councilor reports back to the BEHSR Group after the council meeting. This customarily entails, during annual meetings, reporting back to the Executive Committee, as well as reporting back to the Group at the BEHSR business meeting.

• The AADR Councilor will usually receive a manual of materials in advance of the meeting, so that he/she will be prepared to participate in the discussion, or raise issues of particular importance to the Group. The BEHSR Councilor to AADR has a vote on the AADR Council.