The Behavioral, Epidemiologic and Health Services Research Group (BEHSR) is one of several groups of the International Association for Dental Research. The purpose of BEHSR is to promote and encourage research in the behavioral and social sciences and dental health services. These scientific areas include research on professions and public education, epidemiology of oral diseases and their prevention, behavioral studies of pain and anxiety, utilization of dental services, clinical decision analysis, evaluation of alternative treatments, delivery systems and their effects on oral health, as well as other subjects.

The Group has a membership of more than 450 professionals from multiple disciplines and is active in fostering excellence in behavioral, epidemiological, social and health services research through many mechanisms.

The Group:

  1. Organizes scientific posters, presentations symposia, workshops, and "Lunch and Learns" at meetings of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR).
  2. Rewards outstanding contributions in its scientific area.
  3. Organizes social events at meetings of the IADR.
  4. Assists the IADR in developing plans for its annual meetings.
  5. Maintains a Website on the IADR server describing its activities.
  6. Interacts with the leadership of the IADR on many levels.

Currently the Group rewards scientific accomplishments through several awards:

  • The IADR Behavioral Sciences and Health Services Research Distinguished Scientist Award, recognizes meritorious research in the behavioral/social sciences and health services, and it is funded by Sunstar Butler.
  • The Giddon Award for Distinguished Research in the Behavioral Sciences recognizes a recent research paper published in the fields of social or cultural anthropology, education, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, or social work applied to dentistry, an award made possible by a generous contribution from Dr. Donald B. Giddon.
  • The Aubrey Sheiham Award for Distinguished Research in the Dental Public Health Sciences recognizes a recent research paper - whether applied or basic research - published in the field of dental public health, including epidemiology, biostatistics, health services, community-based prevention or health promotion, environmental health, health economics or health policy as applied to dentistry.
  • Two Lois Cohen International Travel Awards recognize excellence--as demonstrated in abstracts submitted in response to the regular call for abstracts for the IADR/AADR general session--in behavioral science/health services research, and are awarded to a pre-doctoral/post-doctoral student and to a junior faculty member, both classes of recipients to be affiliated with institutions located in countries designated as lower middle income or below according to the World Bank Classification.
  • Two BEHSR Outstanding Student Abstract Awards recognize excellence in behavioral science/health services research, as demonstrated in abstracts submitted in response to the regular call for abstracts for the IADR/AADR general session, with one award to be given to a pre-doctoral student and one award to be given to a post-doctoral student.
  • The IADR/Lion Dental research Award for Junior Investigators stimulates junior researchers by a) recognition of outstanding and innovative research in basic dental science for the improvement of public dental health, b) recognition of applied research achievements for improvement and development of oral care products for the prevention of oral disease. This award is made possible by a generous donation from the Lion Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

The Group interacts extensively with other Groups in IADR. BEHSR often works with other Groups to co-sponsor scientific symposia and poster and oral presentation sessions. Members of BEHSR also are selected frequently to present or give posters in scientific sessions wholly sponsored by other Groups.

The Group interacts extensively with the leadership of the IADR. BEHSR members have served on IADR Committees and have been elected to IADR offices.

The BEHSR Group is open to any member of the IADR. BEHSR membership dues are $15 (US). The BEHSR especially encourages students to become members and participate in Group activities. Students can become members at no cost. New members are welcome to apply at any time of the year. IADR members may belong to as many Groups as they wish.

The BEHSR Group encourages all of its members to be active in the work of the Group. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend Business Meetings held during IADR meetings. Other opportunities to contribute to the Group include becoming an elected officer (nominations due around January of each year), helping to review abstracts submitted for the AADR and IADR meetings, serving on award selection committees and on other special workgroups. Interested members should contact any of the current BEHSR officers (listed on the Group’s home page) who can help explore opportunities for participation.

In its mission to promote oral research in the behavioral and social sciences and health services, BEHSR strongly encourages the submission of creative and high-quality abstracts describing research findings in presentations and posters for the annual IADR and AADR meetings. It also encourages suggestions for symposia - oral presentations along a cohesive theme of great interest to BEHSR and other IADR members. Ideas should be directed to the BEHSR Program Director or Symposium Coordinator. Symposia applications are usually due about August of each year, and abstracts for posters and oral presentations usually are due in October. Instructions for submission are distributed by the IADR well in advance of the due dates.

We look forward to having you as a member of BEHSR!

Mary Tavares