Visit the Local Office of Your Senator and/or Representative

Meeting with your members of Congress in their district office serve as an excellent opportunity to educate and build a relationship with your elected officials.  These visits afford an opportunity to discuss the importance of your research.  Follow these steps to schedule a district office meeting:

  1. Contact the district office—To find this information visit the AADR Legislative Action Center. Enter your zip code under the Find the Elected Officials box.
  2. Inquire about the scheduling process—Most offices prefer scheduling a meeting request via email. Below is a suggested template:

    [Month], [Day], 2014

    The Honorable ______________________
    Attention: Scheduler
    [United States Senate/U.S. House of Representatives]
    Washington, DC 20510 (Senate)/20515 (House) [You may use district office address, ask Scheduler]

    Dear [Senator/Representative] __________________,

    As a constituent, I am writing to request an appointment with [Senator/Representative] ____________________ in [name of town where nearest district office is] on [insert date and times available] to discuss dental research funding for fiscal year 2015.

    As a member of the American Association for Dental Research, I am particularly concerned about the funding vital for dental and biomedical research agencies and programs.  This year it is more important than ever for Congress to provide adequate funding for research.

    Please contact me to let me know when you might be available to meet.  I will follow up with you in a week by phone.  Thank you for considering my request.


    [Your name]
    [Your address]
    [Your telephone number]
    [Your email address]
  3. Be Persistent—Scheduling a meeting takes time and follow up is often necessary. If you experience any difficulties please contact the director of government affairs, Carolyn Mullen

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