Invite Staff from Your Local Congressional Offices to Campus

It is highly important that your local congressional offices know about the important dental research being done in their districts.  The more they are aware of the progress being made and the challenges that decreases in funding will make for that progress, the better.  To accomplish this, invite your legislators and their staff to visit the facilities where you work.  If your research has contributed to treatments, introduce them to facilities where they are being utilized.  If your community is hosting a special event, invite your legislator to participate in appreciation of their past [or future] support for dental research.  Opportunities for face to face interactions with legislators are endless; feel free to be creative.

Similarly, inviting the media to cover one of your advocacy events with a local legislator is an excellent opportunity to highlight the work being done in your community. 

If your campus has an Office of Government Affairs and/or Media Relations, it is important that you consult them when planning your event.


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