IADR CED Travel Stipend Award

The Continental European Division (CED) of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) offers travel stipends for colleagues from the Central Eastern / Eastern part of Europe and Turkey to attend the IADR General Session, Cape Town, South Africa, June 25-29, 2014. Travel stipends will be awarded by a CED scientific committee on basis of the scientific quality of the abstract (and upon acceptance of the abstract by the congress Scientific Committee).

Applicants for the CED Travel Stipend must submit an abstract for presentation at the IADR General Session. During abstract submission they must check the box for the CED Travel Stipend (abstract submission deadline is January 13, 2014).

Important note:
The CED Travel Stipend is awarded no more than twice in a row to the same person with a waiting period of five years before a possibly next stipend can be awarded.

Travel Stipends for the Cape Town, South Africa meeting could only be awarded to individuals who are member of the CED for at least two years

Please note: Passport identification is obligatory to receive the cheque.

2012 CED-IADR Travel Stipends
Samir Cimic, Zagreb, Croatia
Eva Klaric, Zagreb, Croatia
Danijela Marovic, Zagreb, Croatia
Bogdan Calenic, Bucharest, Romania
Makbule Akbulut, Selcuklu, Turkey
Bora Bagis, Trabzon, Turkey
Andac Barkin Bavbek, Van, Turkey
Mehmet Guneser, Konya, Turkey
Burcu Kanat, Izmir, Turkey
Duygu Yaman, Istanbul, Turkey
Tevfik Yavuz, Konya, Turkey

2012 CED-IADR Visiting Scholar Stipends
-  Zeynep Bilge Kutuk (Ankara, Turkey), she will conduct research for 6 months at the lab of Dr. N. Ilie and Prof. R. Hickel in Munich, Germany.
- Nino Tsintsadze (Tbilisi, Georgia), he will conduct research for 6 months at the lab of Prof. M. Ferrari in Siena, Italy.
- Aliye Akcali (Izmir, Turkey), she will conduct research for 6 months at the lab of Dr. G. Belibasakis in Zurich, Switzerland.

2009 Recipients
from 49 applicants, the following 17 colleagues received the CED Travel Stipend to attend the Joint Meeting of the Continental European, Israeli and Scandinavian Divisions of the IADR in Munich, Germany, September 10-12, 2009:
Buyukozer Serife Tuba, Konya, Turkey;
Önay Emel Olga, Ankara, Turkey
Celik Esra Uzer, Isparta, Turkey
Ozdemir Erdem, Ankara, Turkey
Eldeniz Ayce Unverdi, Konya, Turkey;
Ozdemir Niler, Izmir, Turkey
Gokce Bulent, Izmir, Turkey
Panduric Vlatko, Zagreb, Croatia
Gursel Mihtikar, Konya, Turkey
Patser Aniko, Budapest, Hungary
Gyurkovics Milán, Budapest, Hungary
Ulker Mustafa, Kayseri, Turkey
Hakki Sema S., Konya, Turkey
Ulker H. Esra, Konya, Turkey
Karaarslan Emine Sirin, Gaziantep, Turkey
Unlu Nimet, Konya, Turkey
Loncar Boz

For further information please contact the CED Secretariat via ced.iadr@uz.kuleuven.ac.be.


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