Vital Information About Entering Canada and Obtaining Visas

Prior to traveling to Canada for IADR/AADR/CADR 2019 please review Citizenship and Immigration Canada's List of Countries Requiring a Visa for Entry to clarify your visa requirements. The Congress Organizers recommend that if required, you apply for a visa as soon as your attendance is confirmed as visa requests can often take months to process.

If you are applying outside of Canada, use the Document Checklist (IMM 5484) (PDF, 319.47KB) to assist you in gathering the required documents to submit your application. Some visa offices may require additional supporting documents specific to your country. For further information, check the Application for a Visitor Visa page.

Please be sure to provide all supporting documentation required. Failure to complete the application in its entirety or failure to provide supporting documentation may result in denial of visa by Canadian Immigration. 

Please Note:

IMPORTANT: Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Citizens from countries other than the United States who do not need a visa to enter Canada will need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)An eTA is a mandatory entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air. Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travelers with a valid visa. Travelers must apply individually for an eTA. 

Each individual must pay $7 CAD by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. The eTA is valid for 5 years. Travel agents can apply for their clients, but they cannot charge a fee for this service. For more information and fact sheets in multiple languages visit the eTA page online here.

USA Visa Requirements

United States Visa Requirements: If your flight includes a stopover in the United States, you may require an additional visa in order to enter the US. Check before flight booking. Please check out the United States Travel Authorization Application to see if you require a visa: ESTA TRAVEL

Review the US Department of State website for countries requiring an entry visa:


Invitation Letters

The IADR would be pleased to provide letters of invitation to delegates who are paid and registered for the 2019 IADR/AADR/CADR General Session to assist in their visa applications for travel to Canada. In order to be issued an invitation letter, the participant must be registered for the meeting.

For registration, please click the IADR Registration link. Please note that while the letter will be an official invitation, applicants are responsible for all costs of attending the Congress. Application for a visa must be made by the person to whom this letter is addressed, and directly to the appropriate Canadian Embassy/High Commission. The IADR will not apply for a visa on your behalf. For details, please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website


Important Canada Travel Notice

Be sure to download a Recognition Letter from the Canada Border Services Agency that can be presented to the Border Services officer upon arrival in Canada.

Visa Information
For Canadian visa information, visit If you require a visa, please reach out to for a letter confirming your registration, which you can take to your visa interview. To request a letter, contact

Please note: The registration confirmation letter from IADR is separate from the Recognition Letter from the Canada Border Services Agency mentioned above. It is vital to obtain both letters prior to traveling to Canada for the meeting.