General Session

Instructions how to register for the 2023 IADR/LAR General Session with WCPD

Please be sure to renew your 2023 IADR Membership to be eligible for the Member rate. 

Important Deadlines:
Presenter Pre-registration deadline: April 19, 2023.
Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine upload: June 13, 2023.

How To Register to attend the 2023 IADR/LAR General Session with WCPD

How To Renew Your IADR Membership

For registration rates and information, go to General Session Registration page.

Step by Step Registration Guide

Step 1:
At the top of any IADR page, on the top-right corner of the page, click Login
Step 1
Step 2:

In the login page, click Login. 

Enter the email address associated with your My IADR Portal account, and associated password. 

If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot your Password?” link to reset it. 

If you do not have an account, click the “Don’t have an account?” link to follow the steps to create one.  

step 2
Step 3:
On top of the page, click Upcoming Events
step 3
Step 4:
Click View next to the 2023 IADR/LAR General Session with WCPD
Upcoming Events
Step 5:
Review the required policies listed on this page. Once reviewed, click Register. By registering the individual confirms agreement to the required policies. 
Required Policies
Step 6:
Select your attendee type

Attendee: Member, Affiliate Member, Retired Member, Non-member.
Student: Student member and student non-member. 

Attendee requiring VISA Letter: Member, Affiliate Member, Retired Member, Non-member who needs a Visa Letter for visa application to enter the country. 
Student requiring VISA Letter: Student member and student non-member who need a Visa Letter for visa application to enter the country. 

*Student non-members are required to submit the Student Verification Form after registration is completed and email the form to @email

choose registration type

IADR reserves the right to review each registration for the appropriateness of the selected registration category and make any necessary corrections. For example, a full-time faculty member that chooses the Accompanying Person or Student rate will be corrected upon review. IADR reserves the right to charge his/her credit card the difference in registration fees.

Step 7:
Complete the registration application

The rate displayed in this section is based on your 2023 IADR membership. 

registration rate

Accompanying Person Registration section:
You may purchase up to 3 Accompanying Person registrations. They must satisfy the requirement to be an accompanying person, please click More to read.
By purchasing Accompanying Person registrations, you confirm the individual(s) satisfy the requirements.

guest registration

Visa Letter Expedited Shipping
This section will appear only if you selected in Step 6 for “Attendee requiring VISA Letter” and “Student requiring VISA Letter.”

This section is an option to have the Visa Letter sent to a mailing address with express shipping. If this section is not selected or if an original signature is requested, all Visa Letter will be sent electronically via email. 


Step 8:
Click Next to proceed to the next page

Badge Preference section
The name on your badge will be based on your IADR account and it will be pre-populated.


Accompanying Person Badge section
If you selected to purchase Accompanying Person registration, you will need to provide the name of your guests.

guest badge

Passport Information section
If you selected attendee type that requires a Visa Letter, you must fill out this section completely and accurately. Please make sure to fill out the date of birth field using the appropriate format:


Original Signature Option
If this section is marked YES, the Visa Letter will mailed to you at no additional cost using a regular postal mail using the mailing address on your IADR account, unless Visa Letter Expedited Shipping fee was selected. 
Otherwise, the letter will be emailed to you, and you must select NO from the drop-down menu to proceed. 

Original Signature

Expedited Shipping Information section
If you selected the Visa Letter Expedited Shipping fee, you will be asked to fill out the shipping information. 

Expedited Shipping Information

Accessibility Needs section
If you require accessibility needs, please make your selection here. To select more than one or to cancel your selection, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click two items. 

If you need to provide details on your accessibility requests, please contact @email

Accessibility Needs section

Step 9:
Review the cart

In the checkout page, review all the items selected on the previous page. 
If you need to add more items, click Edit
If you have not renewed your IADR membership and would like to renew to get the lower Member rate, click Remove, then proceed with the membership renewal first

checkout page

Step 10:
Complete Payment

Complete payment method by selecting Pay Now – New Credit Card, or if you have a saved payment, select the other option. 

Once payment completed, you will receive a receipt and a registration confirmation SEPARATELY emailed to you. 

Afterwards, upload your COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination by following the directions on this page in the Providing Proof of Vaccination section:


If you have any additional questions, please use the Chat Function on the bottom right of the screen, or email @email


Questions about registration?

Aubrey Palar

Event Registration Assistant Manager

Email me