Number of Awards: 1/year - up to 3 maximum awards/year
Frequency: Annual

The goal of the AADOCR Presidential Citation is to acknowledge an AADOCR member or members (up to 3/year), including individual members, Corporate and Institutional Section members, who by the assessment of the AADOCR President, have made significant contributions to the Association over a period of time, shown dedication to the Association; and have helped to further the mission of the AADOCR through their service and commitment.

The current AADOCR President recommends a member or members for the AADOCR Presidential Citation, which is to be considered distinct from the many awards and other honors that the AADOCR bestows annually.

Eligibility Criteria:

Recipient must:

  • Be an AADOCR member for at least 5 years, (at the time of nomination).
  • If an individual, have volunteered on an AADOCR Committee and/or served as an officer of an IADR Scientific Research Group or Network.
  • Be nominated by the current AADOCR President.
Examples of contributions/dedication which could be considered for a nomination include but are not limited to:
  • Leadership and partnership as Dean or officer of an AADOCR Institutional Section
  • Consistent, long term corporate support of the AADOCR General Session and AADOCR Mission
  • Represents AADOCR above and beyond volunteer service on a committee or IADR Scientific Research Group or Network
  • Significant assistance with the organization of the AADOCR General Session


Exclusion Criteria

  • Members/officers of the Board of Directors are ineligible for this award until five years after their last year serving on the Board.
  • AADOCR/IADR Global Headquarters staff are not eligible to receive an AADOCR Presidential Citation.
  • Past recipients of an AADOCR Presidential Citation.


Nomination Process:

The AADOCR President submits his/her nomination(s) to the AADOCR Chief Executive Officer by September 1st of their presidential year along with the following:

  • Letter of Nomination (ideally one page, but no longer than two pages in length) indicating the reasons the nominee should be considered.
  • Nominee Biosketch (no more than 5 pages) including years of AADOCR membership and service on AADOCR Committees or as an officer, per the eligibility requirements)
The September SOPC meeting (which does not include the AADOCR President), will review the nomination(s) and prepare to make recommendations(s) to the full AADOCR Board for the December Board meeting.



This is not a monetary award. A certificate will be presented at the AADOCR President’s Induction Ceremony held at the AADOCR Annual Session & Exhibition.

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