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The AADOCR National Student Research Group (NSRG) is a student-run organization whose main purpose is to foster an environment in every dental school whereby students interested in enriching their dental education through research are encouraged to do so. It is composed of a network of self-governing local student research group (SRG) chapters at each dental school and is led nationally by officers elected through a majority of votes from all members.
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Do you want to shape the future of student dental research? Apply to become a Member-at-Large on the NSRG Board or a Regional Representative!  

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Regional Representative Resources

Thank you to those student leaders who are serving as Regional Representatives (RRs) for the AADOCR NSRG. Without you, the NSRG would not be able to accomplish all it does. Please use the resources below to learn more about RR duties,

Regional Representative Listings

Schools in Each Region

Regional Representative Resources

NSRG Newsletters

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Are you looking to start a Newsletter at your LSRG? Look to these past NSRG Newsletter contest competitors for ideas. 

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