AADOCR will be Accepting Nominations for the 2022 Fellows Program soon. Please check this page for further updates.


Submit Your AADOCR Fellows Program Application

The AADOCR Fellows Program is designed to recognize leaders of AADOCR and individuals who have served AADOCR in various ways throughout their careers. Through this Program, AADOCR will strengthen its mission to drive dental, oral and craniofacial research to advance health and well-being. 

The AADOCR Fellows Program is open to active AADOCR members.

Applicants who are accepted into the AADOCR Fellows Program will receive the following benefits upon induction:

  • Recognition at AADOCR Annual Meeting Opening Ceremonies.
  • Recognition in AADOCR Science Advocate, e-newsletter exclusive to AADOCR members.
  • An AADOCR Fellows Program lapel pin.
  • The opportunities to network with other Fellows at the Fellows lounge at the AADOCR Annual Meeting.

Expectations of the Fellows
Applicants who are accepted into the AADOCR Fellows Program should be active in many facets of AADOCR. Fellows may:

  • Take part in the election of new Fellows.
  • Serve as an ambassador of excellence in oral, craniofacial and dental research.
  • Advise the AADOCR Board and/or AADOCR Council on matters when requested.
  • Mentor other AADOCR members.


  • Applicants must be an AADOCR member and must remain an AADOCR member to retain Fellow status.
  • Must make outstanding contributions to AADOCR and oral, craniofacial and dental research.
  • Must make outstanding achievements in AADOCR.
  • Must submit two letters of nomination from IADR/AADOCR members stating why the applicant should be included in the AADOCR Fellows Program.
  • Meeting the required point total (see the Fellows Program Points System). The suggested total number of points required to meet Fellow status is 50.

Application Process
The letters of nomination in addition to the application are reviewed by the Fellows Review Committee and a limited number of Fellows are granted each year. Applicants are responsible for providing all data on years of service and contributions. Applicants that are not current members of the IADR/AADOCR will not be considered regardless of the number of points acquired in the past. Future year inductions will be voted on by a group of no fewer than 5 current Fellows.

Fellows Program Points System

Activity Points Per Year/activity Maximum Points
Membership 1 None
Abstract Submission (presenter) 1 25
Symposia, Hands-On Workshop, Lunch & Learning Presenter 1 25
Committee Service 1 10
Editorial Board Service 1 10
Elected/Appointed AADOCR  Board of Directors 10 30
Group Program Chair 1 10
Annual Meeting/General Session Reviewer 1 10
Group/Network Officer 5 20
IADR or AADOCR Award & Fellowship Recipient 1 10
AADOCR Councilor 1 10
Donation to AADOCR or IADR 1 20
AADOCR Section Officer 5 25
Publish in the Journal of Dental Research 5 25
AADOCR Distinguished Scientist Award Recipient 5 5
IADR Distinguished Scientist Award Recipient 5 10

Note: Meeting the point total does not constitute Fellow status.


Ana Bedran-Russo - Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Clifton Carey - University of Colorado, Denver

Lois Cohen NIH/NIDCR, Bethesda, MD

Pamela Den Besten - University of California, San Francisco

Kimon Divaris – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Carla Evans – Boston University, MA

Eric Everett – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jian Feng – Texas A&M College of Dentistry, Dallas

Hansel Fletcher – Loma Linda University, CA

Sylvia Frazier-Bowers – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Anne George – University of Illinois at Chicago

Sudarat Kiat Amnuay – University of Texas at Houston

Jessica Lee – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ariadne Letra – University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Carmem Pfeifer – Oregon Health & Science University, Portland

Luciana Shaddox – University of Kentucky , Lexington 

Dimitris Tatakis – The Ohio State University, Columbus 

Flavia Teles – University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 

Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Charles Widmer - University of Florida, Gainesville



Paul Dechow – Texas A&M University
Hatice Hasturk – The Forsyth Institute
Alpdogan Kantarci – The Forsyth Institute
Purnima Kumar – The Ohio State University
Bjorn Steffensen – Tufts University


David Drake – University of Iowa
Renny Franceschi – University of Michigan
William Giannobile – University of Michigan
Paul Krebsbach – University of California - Los Angeles
Mina Mina – University of Connecticut
E. Dianne Rekow
Harvey Schenkein – Virginia Commonwealth University
Thomas Van Dyke – The Forsyth Institute
Cun-Yu Wang – University of California - Los Angeles
David Wong – University of California - Los Angeles
Yun-Po Zhang – Colgate Palmolive


Timothy DeRouen – University of Washington
Susan Herring – University of Washington
Jeffrey W. Stansbury – University of Colorado


John Bartlett – The Ohio State University
Nisha D'Silva – University of Michigan
Jeffrey Ebersole – University of Kentucky
Jack Ferracane – Oregon Health & Science University
Margherita Fontana – University of Michigan
Cara Gonzales – University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Carlos Gonzalez-Cabezas – University of Michigan
Sharon Grayden – University of Michigan
Effie Ioannidou – University of Connecticut
David Kohn – University of Michigan
Daniel McNeil – West Virginia University
Jacques Nör – University of Michigan
Rade Paravina – University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 
Peter Polverini – University of Michigan
Georgios Romanos – StonyBrook University
Frank Scannapieco – State University of New York
James Simmer – University of Michigan
Russell Taichman - University of Michigan 
Yu Zhang – New York University

2016 Fellows:

Kathryn Atchison – University of California, Los Angeles
Stephen Bayne – University of Michigan
O. Ross Beirne – University of Washington
John P. Brown – University of Texas HSC at San Antonio
William Bowen – University of Rochester
Ananda Dasanayake – New York University
Matthew Doyle – Procter & Gamble
Rena D'Souza – University of Utah
Christopher Fox – American and International Associations for Dental Research
Lawrence Gettleman – University of Louisville
Kaumudi Joshipura – University of Puerto Rico
Mel Kantor – University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Institute for Health Science
Linda Kaste – University of Illinois at Chicago
Keith Kirkwood – Medical University of South Carolina
Mary MacDougall – University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sally Marshall – University of California, San Francisco
Grayson Marshall - University of California, San Francisco
John Mitchell – Midwestern University, Arizona
John Powers – Dental Consultants, Inc.
Alexandre Vieira – University of Pittsburgh
Mary Walker – University of Missouri-Kansas City
Jane Weintraub – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Timothy Wright - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pamela Yelick – Tufts University