The American Association for Dental Research (AADR) and the Friends of National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (FNIDCR) Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill provides the opportunity for attendees to meet directly with congressional staff and elected officials to help ensure that the policy decisions being made on Capitol Hill support federal research and programs.

AADR wants to help as many people as possible attend our Advocacy Day. Below are some tips and resources you can refer to when seeking approval to attend this event. 

Top Five Reasons to Attend Advocacy Day

  • Experience and engage in the legislative process first-hand. Through this event, you will not only directly discover how Congress creates laws affecting federal research, but you can also help ensure that future funding decisions will positively impact research.
  • Interact with researchers, students, patient advocates, and other leaders from across the country and learn how your work is collectively contributing to better health and health care.
  • Discover how to effectively structure Hill meetings and how to craft your message for success.
  • Receive legislative updates and insights from AADR’s legislative team.
  • Position yourself (and your institution) as a resource for congressional offices and build relationships with those who have a direct effect on federal policy.

AADR believes that attending Advocacy Day is a wise decision that will benefit you both personally and professionally. Here are a few tips for making your case:

  • Emphasize the takeaways . In addition to being a valuable opportunity to inspire policymakers with your work, Advocacy Day is an opportunity to network with your peers, learn about the latest developments on Capitol Hill, and hear from leaders in the field. Be sure to share how Advocacy Day’s goals may align with your organization’s own goals.
  • Offer to Brief Leadership and/or Colleagues. Offer to share what you learned during Advocacy Day with your institution’s leadership or with your colleagues following the event.
  • Coordinate with Appropriate Team Members . In addition to obtaining approval from your supervisor, also consider looping in your institution’s communications and government relations/public affairs team, if applicable.

If there is other information AADR can provide that would be helpful, please contact AADR Assistant Director of Government Affairs Lindsey Horan.