The Recorded sessions from London are:

6th IADR Academy: Dental Stem Cells – Resolving Contradictions and Looking Forward
Organizer: Paul  Sharpe
Keywords: Dental Stem Cells, Orofacial Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, Tissue Repair

Introduction    -    Paul  Sharpe
Mechanisms of Immune Modulation by Mesenchymal Stem Cells     -    Francesco  Dazzi
The Power of Single Cell RNA Sequencing in Dental Research    -    Igor  Adameyko
Understanding Stem Cell Microenvironments    -    Paul  Sharpe
Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells    -    Yang  Chai
Wnt Signalling in Regeneration and Repair    -    Jill  Helms
Dental Stem Cell Exosomes    -    Rachel  Waddington
Controlling Stem Cell Differentiation with Mechanical Forces    -    Eileen  Gentleman
Stem Cell Applications of Nanoneedle Technology    -    Ciro  Chiappini
Hair Regeneration and Rejuvenation–Lession for Teeth?    -    Claire  Higgins
Commercialization of Cell Products    -    Paul  Kemp


The Gut – Its Role in the Development of Obesity and Diabetes
Jens Juul Holst
University of Copenhagen, Professor of Medical Physiology, Deputy Head, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Copenhagen, Denmark

Evolution’s Bite: Using Teeth to Reconstruct Diets of Human Ancestors
Peter S. Ungar
University of Arkansas, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Director, Environmental Dynamics Program, Fayetteville, Ark., USA


3D Printing Strategies for the Regeneration of Craniofacial Tissues    
Paulo G. Coelho, Luiz Eduardo Bertassoni, Michael  Gelisky & Xinquan  Jiang    
Keywords:     3D Printing, Craniofacial Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering    

3D Printing and Purinergic Approach for the Regeneration of Craniofacial Bones    -    Paulo G. Coelho
Multi-ink 3D Bioprinting of Cell-laden Hydrogels and CaP Bone Scaffolds    -    Luiz Eduardo Bertassoni
Biodegradable Implants and Tissue Equivalents by Means of Extrusion-based 3D Plotting    -    Michael  Gelinsky
Novel Scaffolds for Craniofacial Tissue Engineering    -    Xinquan  Jiang

Anaesthesia in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Orofacial Pain    
    Charlotte  Currie & Justin  Durham    
Keywords:     Orofacial Pain, Anesthesia, Analgesia    

IV Ketamine in Chronic Orofacial Pain    -    Steven  Ganzburg
Topical Anesthesia: Recent Developments    -    Michelle Franz Montan Braga Leite
Anesthetic Blocks: Diagnostic Role in Orofacial Pain    -    Donald  Nixdorf
Local Anesthesia in the Treatment of Orofacial Pain    -    Ken-ichi  Fukuda

Bioactive Glasses With a Focus on Dental Composites    
    Robert G Hill & John C. Mitchell    
Keywords:     Bioactive Glass, Apatite Formation, Fluoride Composites    

Structure-Property Relationships in Bioactive Glass    -    Delia S Brauer
Sol Gel Bioactive Glass Composites    -    John C. Mitchell
Refractive Index Aesthetics and Curing of Bioactive Glass Composites    -    Saroash  Shahid
Melt Derived Bioactive Glass Composites    -    Robert G Hill

Biomolecules as Bioactive Components of Dental Materials and Implants    
    Conrado J Aparicio & Faleh  Tamimi    
Keywords:     Biomolecules, Biomaterials, Bioactivity, Tissue Regeneration, Antimicrobial     

Engineering Peptides to Promote Cell-specific Adhesion and Tissue Regeneration    -    David H. Kohn
Protein Order/Disorder Synergies to Guide Hierarchical Biomineralization    -    Alvaro  Mata
Soft Tissue Attachment to Implants: State of the Art and Future Directions    -    Faleh  Tamimi
Antimicrobial and Hydrophobic Oligopeptide Coatings and Interfaces    -    Conrado J Aparicio

Birth Cohort Studies of Oral Health: Findings and Methodological Considerations    
    Karen Glazer de Anselmo Peres & Andrew  Rugg-Gunn    
Keywords:     Birth Cohort Study, Early Childhood Caries, Observational Epidemiology, Longitudinal Analysis, Dietary Trajectories    

Oral Health Nested in the Pelotas (Brazil) Birth Cohort Studies: The Experience of Following Three Generations from Birth to Adulthood in a Middle-income Country    -    Karen Glazer de Anselmo Peres
Oral Health Finding in a German Birth Cohort Study    -    Yvonne  Wagner
Challenges and Opportunities in Establishing Independent Birth Cohort Research in Oral Health: The SMILE Birth Cohort Study    -    Diep Hong Ha

Bone Mechanical Stimulation and its Therapeutic Applications    
    Cristina  Teixeira & Mani  Alikhani    
Keywords:     Mechanical Stimulation, Bone, Acceleration, Frequency, Dynamic, Loading, Suture, Alveolar    

Current Understanding on Bone Response to Mechanical Stimulation    -    Stefan  Judex
Effect of Dynamic Forces on Alveolar Bone Under Physiologic and Pathologic Conditions    -    Mani  Alikhani
Sutural Response to Mechanical Stimulation    -    Cristina  Teixeira
Bone Response to Conventional and Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement    -    Alpdogan  Kantarci

Caries Management in Minimally Invasive Way: Biological Aspects    
    Tamara  Peric, Ivana  Miletic & John  Nicholson    
Keywords:     Caries Disease, Dentine Lesion, Caries Removal, Minimal Intervention, Bioactive Dental Restoratives    

One Step Closer to Non Operative Treatment    -    Matteo  Basso
Dentine Caries: Less Invasive Approach to Cavity Preparation    -    Tamara  Peric
Bioactive Dental Restoratives: Where Are We Now?    -    Elizabeta  Gjorgievska

Cariology for the Future: Inspiration from William H Bowen    
    Brian  O'Connell & Lawrence A. Tabak    
Keywords:     Caries Research, Microbiology, Salivary Research  

The Legacy of William H. Bowen    -    Lawrence A. Tabak
New Technologies Targeting Cariogenic Biofilms    -    Hyun (Michel)  Koo
The Microbiology of Dental Caries    -    Robert  Burne
Role of Saliva in Dental Caries    -    Anne  O'Connell

Changes in Dental Epidemiology–Challenges for the Profession    
    Falk  Schwendicke & Reinhard  Hickel    
Keywords:     Detection, Epidemiology, Inequality, Risk Assessement    

Changes in Dental Epidemiology - Improvements Everywhere?    -    A. Rainer  Jordan
Targetted Prevention and Individualized Care    -    Michael  Wicht
Reaching the Neediest - Dental Concepts Beyond the Practice Chair    -    Falk  Schwendicke

Dental Education Outreach: From the Bench to the Community    
    Richard  Cannon & Paul  Brunton    
Keywords:     Dental Outreach, Educational Outreach, Curriculum, Assessment  

Dental Science Outreach in New Zealand: Challenges and Opportunities    -    Carolina  Loch
Dental School Outreach Through Community Co-design Research    -    Mark  Gussy
The Educational Stake of Outreach Programmes in UK Dental Curricula    -    Reza Vahid Roudsari
Student Reflections on the Benefits and Barriers of Dental Outreach    -    Paul  Allison

Dental Mineralization Disorders: Bench to Bedside    
    Brian L Foster & Catherine  Chaussain    
Keywords:     Mineralization, Dentin Enamel, Bone Cementum  

The Paradoxical Phenotype in FAM20A Gene Mutations: Amelogenesis Imperfecta and Ectopic Mineralization in Soft Tissues    -    Ariane  Berdal
The Impact of Rare Phosphatemia Disorders on Dentoalveolar Tissue Mineralization    -    Catherine  Chaussain
Insights Into Cementum Formation and Pathology From Pyrophosphate Disorders    -    Brian L Foster
Do Phosphate Modulatros and SIBLINGS Share Common Pathoways During Formation/Regeneration of the Dentoalveolar Complex?; Directions Opportunities Funded by NIDCR    -    Martha  Somerman

Determining the Level of Unacceptable Dental Fluorosis for Populations Globally    
    Margaret  Woodward & Andrew  Rugg-Gunn    
Keywords:     Dental Fluorosis, Fluoride Epidemiology, Risk Management    

Perceptions of Balance of Risks: Changes in Fluorosis With Age    -    Loc Giang Do
Global Consensus on Unacceptable Fluorosis to Inform Fluoride Intake Decisions    -    Helen  Whelton
Review of Perceptions of Dental Fluorosis Worldwide    -    Steven  Levy

Diet, the Oral Microbiome and the Environment: Keys to Tooth Decay    
    Riva  Touger-Decker    
Keywords:     Oral Microbiome, Diet, Caries, Microbial Genetic Plasticity, Salivary Proteome    

Biological Risk Factors for Early Childhood Caries    -    Christopher  Hughes
Influences of Diet on the Caries Process    -    Jane  Ziegler
Challenges to a Harmonic Relationship With Our Oral Microbiome    -    Mogens  Kilian
Innate Factors Governing Salivary Microbiome Attachment, Growth and Control    -    Guy Howard Carpenter

Environmental and Antibiotic Stress on Oral Bacteria: A Target for New Therapies    
    Roger  Junges & Fernanda C Petersen    
Keywords:     Drug Resistance, Microbial,  Virulence, Quorum Sensing, Microbiota, Genetics, Dental Caries  

The Effects of Antibiotics on Oral Microbiome Profiles    -    Egija  Zaura
Antibiotic Stress and Bacterial Cell-to-Cell Communication    -    Fernanda C Petersen
Characterization of Stress Responses in Streptococcus mutans as a Way to Identify New Druggable Targets in Pathogenic Bacteria    -    José A Lemos
Towards New Ecological Treatment Strategies to Reestablish Symbiosis in the Oral Cavity    -    Justin  Merritt

Evidence-based Periodontal Treatment: Interpreting Results of RCTs and Systematic Reviews, A PRG/IADR and Cochrane Oral Health Group Joint Symposium
    Magda  Feres & Anne-Marie  Glenny    
Keywords:     Systematic Reviews, Randomized Clinical Trials, Periodontology , Evince-based Periodontal Treatment

Introduction to Core Outcome Measures in Effectiveness Trials, COMET    -    Helen  Worthington
The Development of Core Outcome Sets in Periodontology    -    Thomas  Lamont
The Use of Means in Meta-analysis: A Critical Appraisal    -    Dagmar Else  Slot
Disease Progression as the Main Outcome Variable in Periodontal Clinical Studies: A Critical Appraisal    -    Flavia  Teles
Proposal of a New Clinical Endpoint for Periodontal Treatment Based on the Presence of Residual Pockets    -    Magda  Feres

Evolving Trends in Head and Neck Cancer Immunotherapy    
    Simon  Young, Rabie  Shanti & Ahn Le    
Keywords:     Head and Neck Cancer, Cancer Immunotherapy, Tumor Immune Microenvironment, Biomaterials Clinical Trials    

Immunotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer- The Clinical State of the Art    -    Jason  Newman
Targeting the Adverse Tumor Immune Microenvironment in Head and Neck Cancer    -    Andrew  Sikora
Biomaterials-based Cancer Immunotherapy Platforms    -    Simon  Young

Exploring Interface Biology in Dental Research: Organotypic Culture Applications    
    Binnaz  Leblebicioglu    
Keywords:     Signal Transduction, Cell-cell Interaction, Biomaterial Integrity, Host Response, Pathogens    

An Oral Infection Model Resembling Periodontal/Peri-implant Pocket    -    Nagihan  Bostanci
3D Microtissues as Potential Platforms to Study Periodontal Pathogenesis and Therapies    -    Olivier  Huck
From Tissue Engineered Oral Mucosal Models to 3D-printed Human Osteo-mucosal Constructs    -    Keyvan  Moharamzadeh
A 3D Organotypic Mandible Slice Culture System: Models for Infection and Tissue Repair    -    Alastair J Sloan

Extracellular Vesicles of Neural Crest-derived Stem Cells as a Novel Approach to Stimulate Alveolar Bone Regeneration Through Regulation of Osteogenesis and Angiogenesis    
    Wolf-Dieter  Grimm    
Keywords:     Exosomes, Neural Crest-Derived Stem Cells, Alveolar Bone Regeneration, Regulation of Osteogenesis, Regulation of Angiogenesis    

Neural Crest-Derived Stem Cells as a Tool in Regenerative Dentistry    -    Wolf-Dieter  Grimm
Extracellular Vesicles Derived From Neural Crest-derived Stem Cells as a Novel Approach to Stimulate Alveolar Bone Regeneration    -    Darius  Widera
Current Status on Clinical Applications of Magnesium-based Dento-alveolar Implants: A Review From Clinical Translational Perspective    -    Frank  Witte
Standardized Defect Sheep Models as a Prerequisite for OvineNCSCs Bone Regeneration Research    -    Emre  Benlidayi

FiCTION: Filling Children’s Teeth: Indicated Or Not?: Trial Results & Discussion    
    Anne  Maguire, Jan  Clarkson, Nicola  Innes & Gail  Douglas    
Keywords:     Caries, Randomized Controlled Trial, Children, Practice Based, Restoration    

The Design of FiCTION - What Have We Learned?    -    Mark  Robertson
FiCTION Results: Pain and Infection    -    Vicky  Ryan
FiCTION Results: Cost Effectiveness    -    Tara  Homer
FiCTION Results: The Views of Dentists and Patients    -    Richard David Holmes

Functional Aspects of Natural and Artificial Load-transmitting Interfaces  
    Sunita  Ho  
Keywords:     Interfaces, Entheses, Dentoalveolar Complex, Implants, Restorative Materials    

Natural Intelligence of Periodontal Ligament Entheses in the Dentoalveolar Complex    -    Sunita P. Ho
Functional Ability of Dental Restorative Materials    -    Ana Karina Barbieri Bedran-Russo
Interfacial Implant Coating and Functional Osseointegration    -    Danieli  Rodrigues

Funding for Biomedical Research: Global Perspectives and Future Prospects  
    Rena  D'Souza & Christopher  Fox  
Keywords:     Research Funding, Oral Health, Biomedical Research, Dental Diseases, Craniofacial Disorders, Global Health    

The National Institutes for Health: Turning Discovery Into Health    -    Lawrence A. Tabak
Funding Mechanisms in the United Kingdom and the European Union    -    Paul  Sharpe
Opportunities for Collaborative Research Funding in Brazil and Latin America    -    Isabela Almeida Pordeus
Government and Corporate Support for Oral Health Research in Asia    -    Finbarr  Allen
NIDCR: Advancing Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Health Through Research    -    Martha  Somerman

Gender Bias in Scholarly Activities: An Evidence-based Approach  
    Effie  Ioannidou & Flavia  Teles  
Keywords:     gender Bias, Productivity, Scholarly Activity, Editorial and Peer Review    

Overview on Gender Bias in Scientific Publishing    -    Effie  Ioannidou
Gender Issues in Editing Dental Materials - A Personal Perspective    -    David Christopher Watts
The Experience at the Journal of Dental Research    -    William  Giannobile
Thoughts of a Female Editor-in-Chief    -    Jocelyne  Feine
The Journal of Clinical Periodontology Experience    -    Mariano  Sanz
The Clinical Oral Implants Research Experience With a Woman Editor-in-Chief    -    Lisa  Heitz-Mayfield
Clinical Oral Implants Research and Gender    -    Niklaus Peter Lang

Genes, Environment and Epigenetics: Putting the Puzzle Together  
    Mihiri Jacintha Silva & David  Manton  
Keywords:     Epigenetics, Genes, Caries, Hypomineralisation, Twins    

Genetics and Dental Caries    -    Alexandre R Vieira
Why Twin Studies are More Important Than Ever Before – Findings From a Longitudinal Twin Cohort    -    Mihiri Jacintha Silva
Epigenetic Influence in Periodontal Disease    -    Yuko  Kurushima
The Role of Epigenetic Factors in Craniofacial Development    -    Toby  Hughes

Host-Microbial Interactions at the Oral Mucosal Barrier  
    Niki  Moutsopoulos & Sarah  Gaffen    
Keywords:     Oral Mucosal Immunity, Host-microbe interactions, Periodontitis Pathogenesis, Oral Candidiasis,Basic Immunology    

IL-17 Signaling in Immunity to Oral Candidiasis: Yin and Yang    -    Sarah  Gaffen
Epithelial Activation by the Fungal Peptide Toxin Candidalysin    -    Julian  Naglik
Regulation of Th17 Immunity at the Oral Barrier    -    Niki  Moutsopoulos
Dysbiosis and Inflammation in the Periodontium    -    George  Hajishengallis

How Host-biomaterial and Microbial Interactions Guide Biomaterials Development    
    Yoav  Finer & Ana Karina Bedran-Russo    
Keywords:     Resin Composite, Restoration-tooth interface, Bacteria, Biodegradation, Antimicrobial    

Advances in Antibiofilm Materials and Surfaces    -    Geelsu  Hwang
Why the Interface Between Biofilms and Dental Biomaterials Matters    -    Sharukh S. Khajotia
The Effect of Biofilms and Biomechanical Loading on the Tooth-composite Interface    -    Jack L. Ferracane
Interactions of Dental Materials With the Host and Bacteria    -    Yoav  Finer

IADR Presidential Symposium: Caries in an Aging Society    
    Angus  Walls    
Keywords:     Aging, Caries, Prevention, Frailty    

The Value of Assessing Fraility in a Dental Setting    -    David  Johnsen
Caries in the Older Adult    -    Svante  Twetman
Caries Prevention in Dependent and Independent Living    -    Edward C.M. Lo
Managing Root Caries an MI Approach    -    Avijit  Banerjee

Identification and Treatment of Oral Malodor MicroBiome    
    Sushma  Nachnani    
Keywords:     Oral Malodor, Microbiome, Oral Biofilm    

Use of New Technology ( SIFT-MS In vivo Model and HOMIM Analysis) for Studying Oral Malodor    -    John  Greenman
The Denture Microbiome and it's Relationship to Oral Malodor    -    Nir  Sterer
Consumer Insight & Perspectives on Breath Freshening?    -    Steve  Pringle
Direction for Future Research in Diagnosis and Treatment    -    Mel  Rosenberg

Implementation Research in Dentistry: Can Psychological Theory be a Useful Tool?    
    Sarah R Baker & Koula  Asimakopoulou    
Keywords:     Implementation Science; Psychological Theory; Behaviour Change; Evidence-based Practice    

What is the TDF and How Can it be Used to Support Behavior Change in the Dental Clinic?    -    Koula  Asimakopoulou
Use of the Theoretical Domains Framework to Further Understanding of What Influences Application of Fluoride Varnish to Children's Teeth in General Dental Practice    -    Wendy  Gnich
To Fill or Not to Fill: Using the Theoretical Domains Framework to Understand Dentists’ Decisions Around the Non- or Micro-invasive Management of Caries Lesions    -    Sarah R Baker
Use of the Theoretical Domains Framework in Dental Interventions: The Way Forward?    -    Heather  Buchanan

Influence of Mastication on Memory/Cognition During Development and Aging    
    Maria  Piancino, Elizabeth  Kaye & Jennifer  Ahn-Jarvis    
Keywords:     Masticatory Function, Memory, Cognition, Hippocampus, Aging  

Role of Periodontal Mechanoreceptors    -    Mats  Trulsson
Current Evidence Related to Masticatory Function    -    Fraser  McDonald
Cognitive Decay in the Elderly    -    Corrado  Paganelli
Masticatory Function and Quality of Life During Aging    -    Kazunori  Ikebe

Innate Immune Cell Heterogeneity in Health and Disease    
    Marcelo de Oliveira Freire, Thomas  Van Dyke & Corneliu  Sima    
Keywords:     Cell Heterogeneity, Innate Immunity, Pathologies, Neutrophils, Monocytes    

Aberrant Neutrophil Functions in the Oral- Systemic Link    -    Iain L.C. Chapple
A Pro-inflammatory First Responder Neutrophil Subset in Circulation is Altered in Periodontal Diseases    -    Michael  Glogauer
Neutrophil Heterogeneity in Health and Disease    -    Marcelo de Oliveira Freire
Monocyte-Macrophage States in Health and Disease    -    Corneliu  Sima

Innovative Clinical Trial Design with an Interdisciplinary Patient-centric Focus    
    Sue Helen Pavitt, Francesco  D'Aiuto, Iain  Chapple & Francis  Hughes    
Keywords:     Clinical Trial Design, Periodontal Disease Patient, Public Involvement and Engagement, Adaptive Clinical Trials, Efficient Clinical Trials    

Innovation in Trial Design–Advances in Efficient Platform Basket Trials    -    Mahesh  Parmar
Feasibility Trials: Patient Attrition Challenges Recruiting Across Medicine and Dentistry    -    Thomas  Dietrich
Methodological Challenges: Designing Periodontal PhaseII/III-trials Addressing Diabetic & Cardiovascular Co-morbidities    -    Francesco  D'Aiuto
Selection of the Control Arm in Dental Intervention Trials    -    Jianhua  Wu
National Award-winning Innovation in Research Design/Dissemination Impact on Vulnerable Teenagers    -    Sue Helen Pavitt

Innovative Community Based Participatory Children’s Oral Health Research    
    Francisco  Ramos-Gomez    
Keywords:     Children's Oral Health research, Community Based Participatory Oral Health Research,  Underserved Communities,  Best Practices, Technology Design Stuides    

Community-based Participatory Research in Vulnerable Latino Children and Families    -    Francisco  Ramos-Gomez
Engagement, Reciprocity and Challenging Boundaries: Vegemite Sandwiches and the Fairy Croc Father in Aboriginal Australian Oral Health Care Research    -    Angela  Durey
Working with the Community in a Programme Addressing Inequalities in Dental Visiting    -    Rebecca  Harris
Working in Partnership With Kindergartens in Research on Management of ECC    -    C H  Chu

International Perspectives on Socially Inclusive Dentistry: A Call to Action    
    Vanessa  Muirhead & Janine  Doughty    
Keywords:     Social Exclusion,  Oral Health Inequalities, Dental Health Policy, Community Engagement    

International Perspectives on Socially Inclusive Dentistry: An Introduction    -    Janine  Doughty
From Exclusion to Inclusion: The Perspective of Dentists in Canada    -    Christophe  Bedos
Adopting the Radical Discourse in Oral Health Promotion for Homelessness and People in Custody: The Scottish Experience    -    Ruth  Freeman
Challenges, Triumphs and Solutions in Socially Inclusive Dental Research; Working with Aboriginal Australians, Rural Australians and Those With Mental Health Issues    -    Linda Marie Slack-Smith

Interventions for Erosive Toothwear    
    David  Bartlett & Nigel  Pitts    
Keywords:     Erosion Tooth, Wear, Systematic Reviews, Measurement, Fluoride    

Dietary Interventions for Erosive Toothwear    -    Saoirse  O'Toole
The Role of Fluoride in Erosive Toothwear    -    Marie  Huysmans
Measuring Progression - Laboratory, Clinical and Epidemiologically    -    Bennett T. Amaechi
Outcome of Composites Used to Restore Worn Teeth    -    Alexander  Milosevic

Inverting the Pyramid: Designing an Integrated Workforce for Disease Prevention    
    Lone  Schou, Manu  Mathur & Richard Watt    
Keywords:     Determinants of Health, Oral Health, Inequalities, Integrated Workforce    

The Problems of the Current Structure of the Oral Health Professions and of Dental Education Worldwide    -    Newell W. Johnson
Why We Need a Stronger Component of Social Sciences in Dental Education and in the Creation of Primary Health Care Teams    -    Lois  Cohen
Particular Needs of Low and Middle Income Countries: Focus on Africa    -    Kristina Lutomya Wanyonyi
Particular Needs of Low and Middle Income Countries: Focus on South East Asia    -    Kaushik  Sengupta

Is There a Local Regulation of Pulp Inflammation?    
    Imad  About & Fionnuala T Lundy    
Keywords:     Inflammation Local Regulation, Pulp Injury, Regeneration    

The Neurogenic Inflammatory Response and its Role in Pulpal Inflammation and Repair    -    Fionnuala T Lundy
The Complement System Controls Provides a Local Control of Pulp Inflammation    -    Charlotte  Jeanneau
Pulp Local Regulation of Vascularization    -    Chengfei  Zhang
Could Pulpal Inflammation be Tunable to Enable Dentine-pulp Complex Regeneration?    -    Paul Roy Cooper

Jimmy Steele: His Impact in Epidemiology on Oral Health Care Policy and Delivering Dental Care    
    J. Mark  Thomason & Finbarr  Allen    
Keywords:     Epidemiology, Impact, Oral Health Policy    

National Epidemiological Surveys of Adults    -    Georgios  Tsakos
Focus on Decennial Adult Dental Health Surveys    -    Elizabeth  Treasure
National Policy Development and Implementation    -    Eric  Rooney
An International Perspective on Oral Health Services, the Use of Life Course Research to Investigate Social Inequalities in Oral Health    -    Murray  Thomson

Leveraging the NCD Alliance for Prioritising Global Oral Health Research    
    Peter  Mossey, Manu  Mathur & David M. Williams    
Keywords:     Multidisciplinary and Trans-sectoral Research, Oral Health Inequalities, SDGs, NCDs     

Transdisciplinary Research for Health in the Era of Sustainable Development    -    Srinath  Reddy
Oral Health & the NCD Alliance – Opportunities for Collaboration and Roadmap for Future Action    -    Katie  Dain
Research Priorities for Mainstreaming Oral Health in the Global NCD Agenda    -    David M. Williams

Mastication and Deglutition of Geriatric Patients: Mechanisms and Practice    
    Ming-Lun  Hsu    
Keywords:     Mastication, Swallowing, Aging, Cognitive Impairment, Oral Functions    

Orofacial Pain and Oral Function in Older People with Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia    -    Frank  Lobbezoo
Jaw Motor Control and Effects of Aging    -    Limor  Avivi-Arber
The Latest Research on the Association Between Deglutition and Aging    -    Makoto  Inoue
Oral Functions and the Brain    -    Chia-Shu  Lin

Microbial Dysbiosis and Cancer, Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis    
    Purnima  Kumar & Janina  Lewis    
Keywords:     Microbiome, Oral Cancer, Caries, Periodontitis, Peri-implant Disease    

Targeted Modulation of the Oral Microbiome    -    Janina Pawlowska Lewis
The Peri-implant Microbiome: A Novel Ecosystem    -    Purnima S Kumar
Oral Cancer and the Microbiome    -    Deepak  Saxena
Dybiosis of the Supragingival Microflora: Rise of the Acid-tolerant Oral Biota and Dental Caries    -    Robert  Quivey

Moving Ahead with Causal Inference–Exploring Application in Dental Research    
    Jun  Aida, Richard  Watt & Stefan  Listl    
Keywords:     Causal Inference, Observational Data, Policy Evaluation    

Evaluation of Health Policies Through Microsimulation Methods    -    Shulamite  Huang
Distinguishing Causal Effects and Mechanisms From Complex Data: Evidence From the Japan Gerontological Evaluation Study (JAGS)    -    Jun  Aida
The Impact of Financial Incentives on Dental Care-Evidence From a Natural Experiment    -    Olivier  Kalmus
Causal Effect of Socioeconomic Circumstances on Teeth - A Natural Experiment Involving the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011    -    Yusuke  Matsuyama

Optimizing Care and Managing Complications in Implant Dentistry    
    James  Taylor    
Keywords:     Peri-implantitis, Monolithic, Restorations, Guided Bone Regeneration, GBR    

Peri-implantitis: Hype, Myth & Evidence    -    Hugo   De Bruyn
Monolithic Restorations on Implants: Clinical & Material Science Perspective    -    Petra  Gierthmuehlen
Guided Bone Regeneration: From Experimental Studies to Clinical Application    -    Nikos  Donos

Oral Microbiome (DNA/RNA) Sequencing Data Analysis    
    Di  Wu, Dongmei  Deng & Jorge  Frias-Lopez    
Keywords:     Microbiome, Metagenome, Metatranscriptome, Sequencing, Data Analysis    

Comparision of Statistical Methods to Analyse Metatranscriptome for Differential Abundance in an Early Childhood Oral Health Study    -    Di  Wu
Marker Gene Sequencing: From Sequencer to Processed Data    -    Bernd  Brandt
The Metatranscriptome of the Oral Microbiome: Understanding Function in Complex Microbial Communities    -    Jorge  Frias-Lopez
The Metagenome and Metatranscriptome of Caries Lesions    -    Alex  Mira

Oro-facial Impairment in Stroke Patients    
    Martin  Schimmel & Frauke  Müller    
Keywords:     Stroke, Dysphagia, OHRQoL, Mastication, Rehabilitation    

Impaired Oral Function in Stroke Patients    -    Martin  Schimmel
Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Stroke Patients    -    Colman  McGrath
Rehabilitation of Dysphagic Patients With Palatal Lift Prosthesis    -    Takahiro  Ono
Functional Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients    -    Takayuki  Ueda

Precision Oral Oncology: A Head and Neck Cancer Perspective    
    Raj G Nair    
Keywords:     Precision Oral Oncology, HOX Genes, MMP, Head and Neck Cancer, Cancer Invasion, Microbiome, miRNAs    

Hox Genes in Head and Neck Cancer: From Transcriptome to Clinical Trial    -    Keith  Hunter
Invasion in Oral Cancer: Integrating Mechanism and Clinical Outcomes    -    Nisha  D'Silva
Siblings-MMP Interactions in Precision Oral Oncology    -    Kalu Ugwa Emmanuel Ogbureke
Microbiome and miRNAs in Precison Oral Oncology    -    Raj G Nair

Pulp Regeneration Key Issues: Scaffolds, Vascularization and What’s Next?    
    Marco Cicero Bottino & George  Huang    
Keywords:     Pulp-dentin Regeneration, Disinfection, Scaffolds, Angiogenesis, Innervation     

Advanced Scaffolds for Regenerative Endodontics: From Disinfection to Regeneration    -    Marco Cicero Bottino
DPSCs and Their Potential in Reinnervation and Angiogenesis by Using Scaffolds    -    Ivo  Lambrichts
Pulp Tissue Regeneration Using Minced Pulp Transplantation    -    Mo  Kang
Pulp Regeneration: From Evoked Bleeding to Cell Homing    -    Jeremy  Mao

Quality in Dentistry: How do we Define, Measure and Improve?    
    Martin  Tickle & Elsbeth  Kalenderian    
Keywords:     Quality, Framework Measurement, Improvement, Systematic Review    

Introduction - Aim, Learning Outcomes and Context    -    Martin  Tickle
Learning from Research on Quality in Primary Medical Care    -    Stephen  Campbell
A Systematic Review of Quality Measures in Primary Dental Care    -    Matthew  Byrne
Dental Quality Measurement: A Framework Developed in the USA    -    Muhammad  Walji
Requirements for a Quality Improvement Toolkit From Primary Dental Care    -    Lucy Anne O'Malley

Research Potential of Electronic Dental Records    
    Heiko  Spallek    
Keywords:     Health Information Technology, Electronic Health Records, Learning Health System    

Barriers to Global Data Sharing Related to Caries Research    -    Julian  Fisher
The Potential of Contemporary EDR Design    -    Mark  Genuis
The Role of Interoperable Health Information Technology in Biomedical Research    -    Lynn  Johnson

Role of Dental Professionals in Reducing Sugar Intake    
    Mohd  Masood, Paula  Moynihan & Richard Watt    
Keywords:     Sugar Intake, Dental Professionals Advocacy, Behavioural Approach    

Sugars Intake and Health: Update of the Evidence    -    Paula  Moynihan
Trends and Patterns in Sugar Consumption: Identifying the Target Groups    -    Mohd  Masood
Advocacy by Dental Team in Reducing Sugar Intake    -    Richard  Watt
Clinical and Behavioral Approaches in Reducing Sugar Intake    -    Said  Al Rawahi

Role of Kinases in Etiology and Treatment of Orofacial Pain    
    Ashok  Kulkarni & Man-Kyo  Chung    
Keywords:     Orofacial Pain, Kinases, Analgesics    

Involvement of Macrophages in Orofacial Neuropathic Pain    -    Koichi  Iwata
Role of TRPV1 Phosphorylation in Craniofacial Pain    -    Man-Kyo  Chung
Role of AMPA Receptor Phosphorylation in Migraine-like Orofacial Pain    -    Feng  Tao
Cdk5: Important Regulator of Orofacial Pain    -    Ashok  Kulkarni

Saliva Extracellular RNA: New Horizon in Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Research    
    Roger  Alexander & David T.W. Wong    
Keywords:     Extracellular RNA, Extracellular Vesicles, Salivaomics, Oral Microbiome    

Extracellular RNA Profiles in Human Biofluids    -    Eric  Alsop
Overview of the exRNA Atlas and exceRpt RNA Analysis Pipeline    -    Joel  Rozowsky
Saliva Extracellular RNA (exRNA): New Horizon in Salivary Biology    -    David T.W. Wong

Salivary Stones: Current Views and Innovative Approaches for Treatment    
    Hendrik  Brand & Walter L. Siqueira    
Keywords:     Saliva, Salivary Stone, Sialolith, Sialoendoscopy, Lithotripsy, Hydroxycarbonate     

Biochemical Composition of Salivary Stones    -    Saskia  Kraaij
Engineered Salivary Peptides for the Inhibition of Salivary Crystal Stones    -    Walter L. Siqueira
Minimally Invasive Treatment of Salivary Stones    -    Jan G.A.M. de Visscher

Shaping the Future of Dental Education: A Joint ADEE-ADEA Collaboration    
    Barry Francis Quinn, Corrado  Paganelli & Leon Assael    
Keywords:     Global Networking, New Technologies, Team Based Learning     

Global Network    -    Michael  Botelho
Impact of New Technologies and Scientific Discoveries on Dental Education    -    Dommenico  Dalessandri
Assessment in a Global Context    -    Upen  Patel
Challenges and Opportunities in Inter-Professional Education    -    Barry Francis Quinn

Sjögren’s Syndrome: Thinking Outside of the Box    
    Seunghee  Cha & Henk  Brand    
Keywords:     Sjögren’s Syndrome, Xerostomia (Dry Mouth), Purinergic Receptors, Epigenetics, Childhood Sjögren’s Syndrome, Sialendoscopy    

Targeting P2Y2 and P2X7 Receptors in Salivary Glands in the Autoimmune Disease Sjögren’s Syndrome    -    Gary A. Weisman
DNA Methylation Marks in Sjögren's Syndrome: It's Time to Let the Cat Fit Into the Box    -    Yves  Renaudineau
Sjögren’s Syndrome in Children: As Out of the Box as it Gets!    -    Scott  Lieberman
Endoscopic Irrigation to Enhance Salivary Gland Function in Sjögren’s Syndrome    -    Derk Hendrik Jan  Jager

State of the Art of CAD/CAM Removable Dental Prostheses    
    Joke  Duyck & Frauke  Müller    
Keywords:     Removable Prosthodontics, CAD/CAM Technology, Intra-oral Scanning, Digital Workflow, 3D Printing and Milling    

Overview of the Available Technology and Concepts Related to CAD/CAM Removable Dental Prostheses and the Missing Links    -    Daniel  Wismeijer
Evaluation of Scientific Evidence, Cost Analysis, and Presentation of a Novel Clinical Protocol (Geneva Protocol) for the Fabrication of CAD/CAM Removable Dental Prostheses    -    Murali  Srinivasan
Combining the Use of Intraoral Scanning and a Digital Denture Protocol for Fabricating CAD/CAM Complete Removable Dental Prostheses    -    Charles J. Goodacre

Sticking Together: A Tale of Two Oral Microbiologists    
    Patricia  Diaz, Angela  Nobbs & Hui Wu    
Keywords:     Dental Plaque, Coaggregation, Polymicrobial Community, Adhesins    

Coaggregation: The Benefits of Working Together    -    Nicholas Stephen Jakubovics
Coaggregation: What it Was, What it is, and What it Could Be    -    Robert J Palmer
Polymicrobial Crosstalk in Oral Communities    -    Richard  Lamont
Causes and Consequences of Interkingdom Interactions Within the Oral Microbiome    -    Angela Helen Nobbs
Evolution of Oral Streptococcal Adhesins    -    Howard F Jenkinson

The Drugs Won't Work: What's the Future for Antibiotics in Dentistry?    
    Wendy  Thompson, Jan  Clarkson & Sue Pavitt    
Keywords:     Antibiotics, Dentist's Practice Patterns, Drug Resistance, Microbial      

Antimicrobial Resistance - What's The Problem?    -    Marc  Sprenger
Antibiotics Don't Cure Toothache - So Why Do Dentists Prescribe Them?    -    Anwen L. Cope
Evidence & Behaviour Change - What Works in Practice?    -    Eilidh  Duncan
A View From SE Asia – What Should We Do?    -    Maria Susan Yanga-Mabunga

The Role of Nano-hydroxyapatite Technologies in Dentistry    
    Bennett  Amaechi & Joachim  Enax    
Keywords:     Dental Caries, Nanohydroxyapatite, Dentin Hypersensitivity, Biofilm, Dentifrice    

Applications of Nano-Hydroxyapatite in Caries Management    -    Apa  Juntavee
Effects of Nano-Hydroxyapatite on Bacterial Colonization and Biofilm Formation    -    Anna  Kensche
Safety of Nano-Hydroxyapatite Particles in Oral Care Products    -    Roslyn  Hayman
Applications of Nano-hydroxapatite in Dentin Hypersensitivity Management    -    Kelly C Lemke

Tooth Pain: Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms    
    Seog Bae  Oh    
Keywords:     Dentinal Hypersensitivity, Hydodynamic Theory, Odontoblasts, Nociceptors, TRP Channels     

Odontoblast Hydrodynamic Receptor Theory    -    Yoshiyuki  Shibukawa
Role of Cdk5 in Dental Pain    -    Elias  Utreras
Mechanosensitive Channels in Dental Primary Afferent Neurons and Odontoblasts    -    Seog Bae  Oh

Translating Research Evidence into Policy for Better Oral Health    
    Brian  O'Connell, Georgios  Tsakos & Jacques  Vanobbergen    
Keywords:     Health Policy, Evidence-based Practice, Health Disparities    

How Can Research on Vulnerable Older Adults Influence Oral Health Policy?    -    Tatsuo  Yamamoto
How Can Research on Children’s Oral Health Influence Health Policy?    -    Kimon  Divaris
Can Research Shape Oral Health Policy for People With Disabilities?    -    Blanaid  Daly
The Role of Health Advocacy—Experience From the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe    -    Nigel L. Carter

Translating the Science of SDF into Clinical Practice    
    Yasmi O Crystal & David  Manton    
Keywords:     SDF, Caries Arrest, Caries Management, Dental Caries, Vulnerable Populations    

How Results From Clinical Trials Get Translated Into Guidelines for Clinical Care    -    Yasmi O Crystal
Michigan Projects: Can We Gather the Information We Need?    -    Carlos  Gonzalez-Cabezas
Cambodia Projects: Systematic Application of SDF in a Population With High Caries Risk    -    Bathsheba  Turton
Hong Kong Projects: Lessons Learned From Past Trials and Current Projects    -    Shiqian Sherry Gao

Universal Oral Health Coverage: Giving Shape to a Concept    
    Habib  Benzian, Manu Raj Mathur, David Williams & Benjamin Chaffee    
Keywords:     Universal Health Coverage, Health Policy, Basic Package of Oral Care, Investment Case  

Universal Oral Health Coverage: A Dream or a Realistic Concept?    -    Manu Raj Mathur
The Basic Package of Oral Care: A Concept Fit for Universal Health Coverage?    -    Habib  Benzian
Making a Case for Investing in Untreated Tooth Decay – Recent Research and Evidence    -    Richard  Niederman
From Concept to Reality: International Examples of Universal Oral Health Coverage    -    Vijay Prakash Mathur

Vital Pulp Therapy in the Age of Tricalcium Silicates    
    Imad  About & Ashraf  Fouad    
Keywords:     Tricalcium Silicate Bioactivity, Vital Pulp Therapy, Pulp Regeneration    

CurrentPerspectives of Pulp Capping: The Material Aspect    -    Josette  Camilleri
Bioactivity of Tricalcium Silicates and the Consequence of Adding Resins to the Dental Pulp    -    Imad  About
The Use of Tricalcium Silicates in Deep Carious Lesions and in Injured Immature Teeth    -    Luc  Martens
Do Calcium Silicate Cements Improve Pulpotomy's Clinical Success?    -    Montse  Mercadé Bellido