The National Student Research Group (NSRG), a Group of the AADOCR, had its origins in 1980. The President of the AADOCR at that time, Dr. Irwin D. Mandel, is generally considered the “father” of the NSRG. Recognizing the potential of dental students as future research investigators, the AADOCR Membership Committee, under the chairmanship of Dr. Ralph Kaslick, targeted students for membership in the AADOCR. In addition, the Committee identified faculty advisors at each US dental school and set up programs for students, including the AADOCR Student Research Fellowship Program.

Starting in 1980, with only a handful of students meeting at the AADOCR General Session, the NSRG has continued to grow throughout the decade to about 1200 members at present. From 1980 through 1984, the National Student Research Group was a rather small, loosely run organization involving a small core of students who organized yearly meetings and a slightly larger group who attended the meetings. However, beginning with the 1985 annual meeting, several changes in the NSRG were initiated. In 1986, a Constitution and Bylaws were approved, and in the following year a mail ballot voting procedure was developed, both for amendment of the constitution and for election of officers.

Karl Zimmerman of Louisiana State University (NSRG President for 1985-86) instituted the annual Caulk/Dentsply Student Research Awards. This competition grew through the years and included six awards worth a total of $2500 by the time it was discontinued in 2017.

Since 1985, membership in the SRG has grown markedly. The number of SRG Chapters and the activity of existing Chapters have continued to increase. In 1988, geographic SRG regions were established to promote student research activity through regional interaction.

The NSRG is now recognized as one of the strongest groups in the AADOCR. The student members now have a voice in the AADOCR because, as of 2007, the NSRG President serves on the AADOCR Board of Directors as a full voting member. In 2015 a second student representative was added to the AADOCR Board of Directors and is filled by the NSRG President Elect.

The NSRG celebrated their 30th anniversary and recognized the past three decades of student research and achievements during the 2012 AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Tampa, Florida.

NSRG Past Presidents

Year  Name University
1982 Phil Marucha University of Connecticut
1983 Ron Hathaway University of Iowa
1984 Tim Welch University of Missouri, Kansas City
1985 Karl Zimmerman Louisiana State University
1986 Debbie Mendel The Ohio State University
1987 Leslie Winston University of Iowa
1988 Leslie Spradlin University of Louisville
1989 Laurie L. McKendry State University of New York
1990 James C. Douthitt Baylor College of Dentistry
1991 Jay M. Oltjen University of Texas HSC, San Antonio
1992 Nancy A. Montgomery The Ohio State University
1993 Juli Szaniszlo Powell University of Texas HSC, San Antonio
1994 Juan Carlos Quintero University of Pittsburgh
1995 Gregory D. Evans University of Iowa
1996 Jane Ross University of Kentucky
1997 Marguerite Grossman New York University
1998 N. Nicholas Salome University of Texas HSC, San Antonio
1999 Pamela Clark University of Texas HSC, Houston
2000 Christopher Freeman University of Kentucky
2001 Armin Abron University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2002 T. Chris Burke University of Tennessee
2003 Erik Kern Harrington Baylor College of Dentistry
2004 Peter Cho University of Iowa
2005 Julia A. Javarone University of Texas, HSC, Houston
2006 Erin L. Ealba University of Michigan
2007 James M. Rogér Marquette University/University of
2008 Kirsten J. Rittenbach University of California, San Francisco
2009 Nathaniel C. Lawson University of Alabama at Birmingham
2010 Blake M. Warner The Ohio State University
2011 Kaitrin K. Baloue University of Illinois at Chicago
2012 Angela Gullard University of Alabama at Birmingham
2013 Joshua Emrick University of California, San Francisco
2014 Molly Hague University of California, San Francisco
2015 Mitra Adhami University of Alabama at Birmingham
2016 Minerva Loi University of California, San Francisco