Outstanding LSRG Chapter Award 

The AADR NSRG vision is to “help dental students across the nation establish chapters and encourage participation in their respective schools, to ensure that research is seen as a vital aspect of dentistry.” Therefore, the NSRG takes pride in recognizing LSRGs for their achievements throughout the year that continue to foster awareness of research in dentistry. This award is aimed to recognize one particular SRG that has excelled in all categories of a successful SRG.

The outstanding SRG will be recognized and awarded $400 at the NSRG business meeting at the AADR Annual Meeting. They will also have the honor to present their SRG successes at the NSRG Faculty Advisor Breakfast.

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Best local Student Research Group newsletter

$100 Prize
(print and email newsletters are both eligible)

  • Newsletters should be mostly written by students and include NSRG logo.
  • All Newsletters submitted for the contest will be published on the NSRG website.

Submit newsletter samples to Tiphani Seay at nsrg@aadr.org.

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Best local Student Research Group Advocates

$200 Prize

  • Each applicant will submit a 1 page document enumerating their SRG’s dental research advocacy efforts for the previous year

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Membership Awards

The school that recruits the most new AADR student members from their local SRG.
$200 Prize

The school that recruits the greatest percentage of new AADR student members.
(relative to the number of students in the dental school)
$200 Prize

The school with the most student submissions to the AADR General Session.
$200 Prize