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For the quickest response, please direct your questions to: 

General Questions: research@iadr.org

Membership: memberservice@iadr.org

Abstracts & Meeting Requests: meetings@iadr.org

Meeting Registration:  registration@iadr.org

Exhibits: exhibits@iadr.org

Journal of Dental Research:  jdr@iadr.org
JDR Clinical & Translational Research: jdrctr@iadr.org

Global Headquarters Staff:

Christopher H. Fox
Chief Executive Officer

Elise Bender
Marketing & Communications Manager

Makyba Charles-Ayinde
Director of Science Policy

Susan Douglas
Executive Assistant to the CEO/Office Manager

Christopher M. Flow
Digital Strategy & IT Manager

Riana Hays
Component Relations Coordinator 

Sheri S. Herren
Assistant Director of Strategic Programs

Lindsey Horan
Assistant Director of Government Affairs

Anthony Jones
Awards, Fellowships and Grants Coordinator

Lily B. Knol
Editorial Assistant

Allie May
Registration Coordinator

Aubrey Palar

Tonya L. Robertson
Senior Accountant

Eric Sargeant
Digital Content Coordinator

Craig Schaar
Membership Engagement Manager

Jennifer Soucy
Meeting Coordinator 

Kourtney Skinner
Director of Membership and Publications

Denise S. Streszoff
Chief Operating Officer

R. Darin Walsh
Chief Financial Officer

Zoe Yang
Accounting Manager

Leslie Zeck
Director of Meetings