IADR Distinguished Scientist Awards

Behavioral, Epidemiological and Health Services Research Award

Supported by Sunstar Americas, Inc., this award is designed to stimulate and recognize outstanding achievements in the areas of behavioral science and health services research as they relate to dentistry. Evidence must be presented that the nominee has conducted original investigations related to dentistry in any of the disciplines involved with behavioral science or health service research.

1996: Lois Cohen 
1997: Samuel Dworkin 
1998: David Locker 
1999: Peter Milgrom 
2000: Asuman Kiyak 
2001: Aubrey Sheiham 
2002: John Rugh 
2003: Susan Reisine
2004: Helen Gift
2005: Hannu Hausen
2006: Dorthe Holst
2007: Chester Douglass
2008: Kathryn Atchison
2009: Philippe Hujoel
2010: Martin Downer

IADR Lois Cohen International Travel Award

2008: Dr. Janakiram Chandrashekar, Junior Faculty, India
For the abstract titled "Jowar Consuption Predicts Severity of Dental Fluorosis in Karnataka, India." J Dent Res 2008; 87 (Spec Iss B): #1145, with co-authors KR Thankappan and KR Sundaram.

IADR Aubrey Sheiham Award for Distinguished Research in Dental Public Health Sciences

2008: Le Resche L, Mancl LA, Drangsholt MT, Huang G, Von Korff M.
"Predictors of onset of facial pain and temporomandibular disorders in early adolescence." Pain 2007: 129: 269-278. 

2009: Sanders AE, Lim S and Sohn W.
"Resilience to Urban Poverty: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations for Population Health." American Journal of Public Health June 2008; 98(6): 1101-1106.

2010: Peter Milgrom, DDS; Kiet A. Ly, MD, MPH; Ohnmar K. Tut, BDS; Lloyd Mancl, PhD; Marilyn C. Roberts, PhD; Kennar Briand, MBBS; and Mary Jane Gancio
"Xylitol Pediatric Topical Oral Syrup to Prevent Dental Caries: A Double-blind Randomized Clinical Trial of Efficacy." ARCH PEDIATR ADOLESC MED/VOL 163 (NO. 7), JULY 2009.


2011: Sanders AE, Slade GD, John MT, Steele JG, Suominen-Taipale AL, Lahti S, Nuttall NM, Allen PF. "A cross-national comparison of income gradients in oral health quality of life in four welfare states: application of the Korpi and Palme typology." J Epidemiol Community Health. 2009 Jul;63(7):569-74. Epub 2009 Apr 6. PubMed PMID: 19351621.


Giddon Award for Distinguished Research in the Behavioral Sciences

1997: Henrietta L. Logan, Ph.D. (Senior Author), Robert S. Baron, Ph.D. (Co-Author), Frank Kohout, Ph.D. (Co-Author): “Sensory Focus as Therapeutic Treatments for Acute Pain,” Psychosomatic Medicine 57:475–484 (1995)

1999: Peter Milgrom, D.D.S. (Senior Author), Lloyd Mancl, Ph.D. (Co-Author), Barbara King, Ph.D. (Co-Author), Philip Weinstein, Ph.D. (Co-Author), Norma Wells, M.P.H. (Co-Author), Ellen Jeffcott, R.D.H. (Co-Author): “An Explanatory Model of the Dental Care Utilization of Low-Income Children,” Medical Care 4:554–566 (1998)

1999: Ulf Berggren (Senior Author), Sven Carlsson (Co-Author), Catharina Hägglin (Co-Author), Magnus Hakeberg (Co-Author), Viktor Samsonowitz (Co-Author), “Assessment of Patients with Direct Conditioned and Indirect Cognitive Reported Origin of Dental Fear,” European Journal of Oral Science 105:213–220 (1997)

2000: Richard P. Frank, D.D.S., M.S.D. (Senior Author), Peter Milgrom D.D.S. (Co-Author), Brian G. Leroux, Ph.D. (Co-Author), Natalie R. Hawkins, M.S. (Co-Author), “Treatment Outcomes with Mandibular Removable Partial Dentures: A Population-Based Study of Patient Satisfaction,” J Prosthet Dent 80:36–45 (1998)

2001: Berggren U, Hakeberg M, Carlsson SG. “Relaxation vs. Cognitively Oriented Therapies for Dental Fear.” J Dent Res 2000;79(9):1645–1651.

2002: Logan HL, Lutzendorf S, Kirchner HL, Rivera EM, Luberoff D. “Pain and Root Canal Treatment and subsequent Health Outcome.” Psychosomatic Medicine 2001;63:453–462.

2003: Dworkin S, Huggins K, Wilson L, Mancl L, Turner J, Massoth D, LeResche L, Truelove E. “A Randomized Clinical Trial Using Research Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders - Axis II to Target Clinic Cases for a Tailored Self-Care TMD Treatment Program.” Journal of Orofacial Pain 2002;16:48–63.

2004: Gilbert GH, Duncan, RP, Shelton, BJ. “Social Determinants of Tooth Loss.” Health Services Research 2003;38:1843–62.

2005: Lee J, Rozier RG, Norton E, Kotch J, and Vann W. "Effects of WIC Participation on Children's Uses of Oral Health Services." American Journal of Public Health 2004; 94: 772-777.

2006: Gatchel RJ, Stowell AW, Wildenstein L, Riggs R, Ellis E 3rd. "Efficacy of an early intervention for patients with acute temporomandibular disorder-related pain: a one-year outcome study." J Am Dent Assoc 2006; 137: 339-347.

2007: Newton JT and Bower EJ. "The social determinants of oral health: new approaches to conceptualizing and researching complex causal networks." Community Dent Oral Epidemiol 2005; 33: 25-34.

2008: Coldwell SE, Wilhelm FH, Milgrom P, Prall CW, Getz T, Spadafora A, Chiu I-Y, Leroux BG, Ramsay DS. "Combining Alprazolam with Systematic Desensitization Therapy for Dental Injection Phobia." Journal of Anxiety Disorders 2007: 21 (7): 871-887.\

2009: Slade G, Diatchenko L, Bhalang K, Sigurdsson A, Fillingim RB, Belfer I, Max MB, Goldman D and Maixner W. "Influence of Psychological Factors on Risk of Temporomandibular Disorders." J Dent Res, 86(11):1120-1125, 2007

2010: Kressin NR, Nunn ME, Singh H, Orner MB, Pbert L, Hayes C, Culler C, Glicken SR, Palfrey S, Geltman PL, Cadoret C, Henshaw MM. "Pediatric clinicians can help reduce rates of early childhood caries: effects of a practice based intervention." Med Care. 2009 Nov;47(11):1121-8.

Behavioral Sciences & Health Services Research Outstanding Student Abstract Award 

1999: Reid BG*, Winn DM, Morse DE, Pendrys DG. “Head and Neck In-Situ Carcinoma: Incidence, Trends, and Survival.” J Dent Res (IADR Abstract #3095) 1999;78:492.

2000: Jashipura KJ, Pitiphat W*, Sun J, Tawara H, Douglass CW, Willett W. “Validity of Self-Reported Oral Health Measures.” J Dent Res (IADR Abstract #2521) 2000;79:459.

2001: Trovik TA,* Klock KS, Haugejorden. “Norwegian Adults’ Perceived Need for a Replacement of Extracted Teeth at the Time of Extraction.” J Dent Res (IADR Abstract #1875) 2001;80:761.

2002: Tewogbade A,* Griffin SO, Beltran ED. “Cost Effectiveness of Providing Fluoride Varnish to Medicaid Preschoolers.” J Dent Res (IADR Abstract #2057) 2002;81:A–265.

2003: Ortega M,* Logan HL, Tomar S. "Cancer Stage, Treatment, and Status Differences Between Non Hispanic White and Non Hispanic Black Males with Head and Neck Cancer." J Dent Res 2003; 82.

2003: "Muirhead VE,* Marcenes W. “The Use of Early School Performance and Free School Meals Receipt as Novel School Caries Predictors.” J Dent Res (IADR Abstract #0417) 2003;82:B-65.

2004: Talekar B,* Rozier RG, Slade GD. “Development of an OHRQoL Instrument for Preschool Children.” J Dent Res 2004; 83: # 41749.

2005: Richman J,* Lee JY, Rozier RG, Gong DA, Talekar B, Vann WF, Jr. “Evaluation of an Oral Health Literacy Reading Recognition Instrument.” J Dent Res 2005; 84: # 2820.

2006: Jimenez M,* Dietrich T, Joshipura K. "Racial/Ethnic Variations in Impact of Socio-economic Factors on Tooth Loss." J Dent Res 2006; 85 (Spec Iss B): #1221.

2007: Moufti MA*, John MT, Allen PF, Meechan JG, Wassell RW, Steele JG.
"Sensitivity of OHIP as an outcome measure for temporomandibular disorders." J Dent Res 2007; 86 (Spec Iss A): #0102.

2008: Vilela LDD,* Allison PJ. "Sense of Coherence Levels among Head and Neck Cancer Subjects. J Dent Res 2008, 87 (Spec Iss B): # 1132. Pre-doctoral student award. 
2008: Durham J,* Moufti MA, Steele JG, Wassell RW, Exley CE. "Can We Improve the Management of Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders?" J Dent Res 2008, 87 (Spec Iss B): # 1915. Post-doctoral student award.

2009: Nasman, P,* F. Granath, A. Ekbom, J. Ekstrand, and M. Fored. "Drinking Water Fluoride Exposure and Risk of Hip Fracture." J Dent Res 2009, 88 (Spec Iss A): # 13. Post-doctoral student award.

2010: Soheilipour, S.*, Dunne, S.M., Dickinson, C. and Newton, J.T. "Providing Information on Antibiotic Prophylaxis: A Randomised Controlled Trial."J Dent Res 89(Spec Iss B): 4627, 2010. Post-doctoral student award.

IADR/Lion Dental Research Award for Junior Investigators

2001: Carino, Khristine Mary G, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Toyko, Japan

2003: Cronin, Michael, National University of Ireland, Cork, Ireland

2005: Do, Loc Giang, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia

2007: Xiaoli, Gao, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Republic of Singapore