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AADR Elects Jacques Eduardo Nör as AADR Vice-president

Alexandria, VA, USA – Members of the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) have elected Jacques Eduardo Nör, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, Ann Arbor, to serve as the next AADR Vice-president. His term will commence at the conclusion of the 97th General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), which will be held in conjunction with the 48th Annual Meeting of the AADR and the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR), from June 19-22, 2019 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  

Nör is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Cariology, Restorative Sciences, Endodontics at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. He is also a professor of Otolaryngology, University of Michigan School of Medicine and a professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan College of Engineering.

Nör received his D.D.S. from the Brazilian Federal University, Porto Alegre, Brazil. He received his M.S. in Pediatric Dentistry, Ph.D. in Oral Health Sciences and completed his Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Biology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His postdoctoral training focused on the understanding of mechanisms regulating endothelial cell apoptosis. He has expanded his research program to understanding processes regulating endothelial cell fate in head and neck cancer. His research has been continuously funded by 34 National Institutes of Health and corporate grants/contracts since 2002. Nör has published 14 book chapters and 194 peer reviewed scientific publications with 10,476 citations.

Nör has been an Associate Editor of Journal of Dental Research and a member of the IADR Publications Committee since 2010. He has served on various committees, including the AADR Fellowships Committee, IADR Nominating Committee, IADR Distinguished Scientist Award Committee, AADR Science Information Committee and as Chairs for the IADR Awards Review Committee and the AADR Hatton Awards Committee. Nör served as President of the IADR Pulp Biology and Regeneration Group and is also a member in the IADR Oral Medicine & Pathology Group and the IADR Stem Cell Biology Group. Nör was a co-guest editor to the 2017 Journal of Dental Research special issue on head and neck cancer. He was selected an AADR Fellow in 2017, winner of the 2012 Distinguished Scientist Award, the 2010 and 2011 William J. Gies Award, Biological and won first place in the both the IADR and AADR Edward H. Hatton Award, Postdoctoral Category in 1999.

About the American Association for Dental Research
The American Association for Dental Research (AADR), headquartered in Alexandria, Va., is a nonprofit organization with over 3,300 members in the United States. Its mission is: (1) to advance research and increase knowledge for the improvement of oral health; (2) to support and represent the oral health research community; and (3) to facilitate the communication and application of research findings. AADR is the largest Division of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). To learn more about the AADR, visit www.aadr.org.


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