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Journal of Dental Research Centennial March 2019: The Evolution of Dental Materials Over the Past Century

Alexandria, VA, USA – 2019 marks the Centennial of the Journal of Dental Research (JDR). Over the last century the JDR has been dedicated to the dissemination of new knowledge and information on all sciences relevant to dentistry and to the oral cavity and associated structures in health and disease.

To celebrate, the JDR is featuring a yearlong monthly commemorative articles and podcasts that highlights topics that have transformed dental, oral and craniofacial research over the past 100 years.

The March 2019 issue of the JDR features the article “The Evolution of Dental Materials over the Past Century: Silver and Gold to Tooth Color and Beyond” by Stephen Bayne, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA, Jack Ferracane, Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, USA, Grayson Marshall, University of California, San Francisco, USA, Sally Marshall, University of California, San Francisco, USA and Richard van Noort, University of Sheffield, England. While there have been advances in nearly all materials used in the field, this Centennial piece focuses on the areas of dental amalgam, dental composites and light curing, dental adhesives and dental cements, ceramics and new functional repair materials, as well as provides a prospective on future advances.

“The field of dental materials has an undergone more of a revolution than an evolution over the past 100 years,” said Bayne. “The development of new products, especially in the past half century, has occurred at a staggering pace, and their introduction to the market has been equally impressive.”

“The ability to bond resin-based composites to both dentin and enamel to produce direct and indirect restorations with outstanding tooth-replicating esthetics throughout the mouth has truly transformed the practice of dentistry, as well as the smiles of millions of people.” said Ferracane. “For the last 100 years, research published in the JDR has been crucial to fulfilling the IADR mission of facilitating the communication and application of research findings.”

The third JDR Centennial podcast, titled “The Evolution of Dental Materials Over the Past Century” features a conversation between IADR and AADR Past President Stephen Bayne and AADR Past President and JDR Associate Editor Jack Ferracane, moderated by JDR Editor-in-Chief William Giannobile, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Throughout 2019 JDR Associate Editor, Nicholas Jakubovics, Newcastle University, England will include ‘Historical Highlights’ from the rich history of research findings published in the JDR.  In the March issue, Jakubovics highlights the use of calcium hydroxide as one of the most commonly used materials in endodontics and dental traumatology.

In 1939, Helmut A. Zander authored a key article in the JDR “Reaction of the pulp to calcium hydroxide” (J Dent Res 18(4): 373-379) that is often cited as the first use of calcium hydroxide, or Ca(OH)2, for direct pulp capping. In fact, Zander’s role was not to invent the method, but to develop it and bring it to the English-speaking world. He recognized the importance of German-language studies from Bernhard Hermann and colleagues, who created and tested a formula known as ‘Calxyl’ that contained a mixture of Ca(OH)2 with other salts.

Zander started by testing Calxyl, but quickly turned to plain Ca(OH)2 since it appeared to give the same results. He treated 150 patients over a two-year period with either Calxyl or Ca(OH)2 and achieved a 71% success rate, determined by the absence of apical changes on radiographic follow-up.

“This methodical approach established Ca(OH)2 as an excellent means to preserve the vital pulp,” said Jakubovics. “Although uptake into clinical practice was slow, Ca(OH)2 became the gold standard compound for pulp capping by the middle of the 20th century.”

Along with the article and podcast series, the legacy of the JDR will be honored during a celebration at the 97th General Session of the IADR, held in conjunction with the 48th Annual Meeting of the AADR and the 43rdAnnual Meeting of the Canadian Association for Dental Research, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from June 19-22, 2019. For more information on the JDR Centennial, please visit: www.iadr.org/JDRcentennial.

About the Journal of Dental Research
The IADR/AADR Journal of Dental Research is a multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the dissemination of new knowledge in all sciences relevant to dentistry and the oral cavity and associated structures in health and disease. The JDR ranks #2 in Impact Factor of 91 journals in the “Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine” category at 5.380, ranks #2 of 91 in Article Influence with a score of 1.546 and continues to rank #1 of 91 journals in Eigenfactor with a score of 0.02095. The JDR’s 5-year Impact Factor has remained above 5 for the third year at 5.715 — ranking #2 of 91 journals. With over 19,000 citations, the JDR also boasts the most citations in the “Dentistry, Oral Surgery & Medicine” category.


About the International Association for Dental Research

The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) is a nonprofit organization with over 11,400 individual members worldwide, dedicated to: (1) advancing research and increasing knowledge for the improvement of oral health worldwide, (2) supporting and representing the oral health research community, and (3) facilitating the communication and application of research findings. To learn more, visit www.iadr.org. The American Association for Dental Research (AADR) is the largest Division of IADR with 3,300 members in the United States. To learn more, visit www.iadr.org/aadr.


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