The Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) Best Presentation Awards are given to the oral or poster presentation judged to be the best ‘practice based research study’ presented during the IADR General Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR).

Travel Award


Award Requirements

  • Candidates must be a presenter of a poster or oral presentation and have their abstract accepted.
  • The study should be clinical or clinically related and carried out in a dental practice setting outside a dental school or other academic dental institution.
  • The study should be of high quality design and presentation.
  • Results should have a high degree of clinical relevance and relate to general dental practice.
  • Candidates interested in participating in the competition must click the check box on the IADR abstract submission site.
  • PBRN officers and executive committee members are not eligible.
  • Candidates are responsible for presenting the research in compliance with the IADR call for abstracts.
  • This award is open to all applicants that met the above criteria (members, non-members, students and non-students).  

The purpose of the award is to encourage and disseminate practice based research. A cash award of $500 USD will be presented to the successful candidate whose abstract, oral or poster is presented at a session during the IADR General Session. Presentations are judged by a panel of PBRN officers or PBRN members appointed by the PBRN Board and; an award is made only if it is determined a presentation demonstrates sufficient merit and high clinical relevance.


Criteria for Judging


Two PBRN members (PBRN officers or appointed members) will make a selection from submitted abstracts resulting in maximum three nominations for the best poster and three for the best oral presentation. Candidates will be evaluated during their official abstract presentation scheduled by IADR GHQ.  Those presentations will be inspected by the two network members (PBRN officers or appointed members) at the IADR General Session.  The criteria for judging the presentations are as listed below. Each category is ranked on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

  1. Research design: Does it fit the aims/research questions and was it conducted appropriately?
  2. Analysis: Are the techniques appropriate and used correctly?
  3. Conclusions: Are they justified/supported by the results?
  4. Clinical Relevance for the practitioner: How do the findings affect dental oral health care? Can the findings be applied into general practice settings?
  5. Presentation: Did the presenter communicate clearly? Did the slides/poster clearly communicate the findings? Did the presenter clearly answer the questions?



March 1, 2021


Please direct questions to Niek Opdam, PBRN President and Group Program Chair, at