The 2021 IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition is now a 100% Virtual Experience!


General Information

Presentation Preparation and Pre-upload to IADR Abstract Gallery 

Virtual Platform Instructions and Information

Day of Presentation Preparations


General Information 

Presentation Format:
All Sessions Take Place in Eastern Daylight Time (-4 UTC) 

  • Abstract presenters (excludes symposia/keynote speakers) have ten (10) minutes for presentation and four (4) minutes for the discussion. The remaining minute should be used to transition from one virtual presenter to the next. The session chair will hold you to this time. It is advisable to rehearse your presentation prior to the meeting to ascertain that the time is not exceeded. 


New! Virtual Oral Presentation Requirements: 

  • Presenters should log in prior to the start of the session to check in with the oral session chair. 
  • Oral presenters are required to be prepared to share their screen live to present their full PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides during their scheduled presentation time. Presenters should test their equipment before presentation day.  
  • All registered accepted presenters are required to pre-upload a preview of their presentations when instructed for inclusion in the presentation gallery. Presentations must be uploaded in a PDF. Video or audio recording to accompany the PDF is optional, though highly recommended. This preview will only be available in the IADR Abstract Gallery.  
  • Presenters are required to keep their email addresses up to date. The email address that is listed on the presentation and used to register the presenter should be the same.  


Content of Presentation Requirements:  

  • All presenters are required to include a slide listing any conflict of interest disclosures. Financial disclosure includes any commercial funding you receive from a company whose product(s) you are discussing. Read the IADR/AADR Policy on Full Disclosure. If there are no conflicts of interest to report, please indicate on the slide.   
  • Presenters should mention the sponsors of their research, if applicable, in their presentation. 
  • The presentations should cover the same material as reported in the abstract. 
  • If you are both a symposium speaker and a presenter at this meeting, do not repeat symposium material in your individual presentation. 
  • You must be knowledgeable in your subject and answer questions during your presentation. 


presentation preparation and pre-upload to iadr abstract gallery:  

IADR Abstract Gallery 

As part of the Virtual Experience, meeting delegates will be able to browse the IADR Abstract Gallery for the duration of the platform being live. This gallery is a repository of all abstract presentations that are part of the meeting, inclusive of both oral and poster presentations. This extended visibility for abstract presenters is a key advantage of this new meeting format, extending the time presenters can interact and share research with other meeting attendees from around the world. 

Presenters of abstracts in oral sessions are asked to upload a PDF presentation preview with an optional video or audio recording to engage delegates browsing the gallery. Video or audio recording is strongly recommended. This preview does not need to be the full presentation slide deck. It can be a portion of presentation slides or a unique snapshot of your research. Meeting attendees will be able to play this recording when viewing your PDF upload. Meeting attendees can then attend your live presentation or post on the discussion section specific to your upload to engage with you as the presenter. 


Saving Slide(s) as PDF* 

  • Create these slides following the same guidelines as your full presentation slides. 
  • If you have any interactive material on the poster, such as links meeting delegates can click, be sure to do the following: 
    • Under file select “Save As”
    • In the dropdown of file formats, select “PDF (.pdf)”
    • Save the file
    • If your slide program has no "Save As” option, you may need to export the slides as a PDF.  
  • If you do not have links for delegates to follow in your slides, you can print to PDF by doing the following: 
    • Under File select "Print"
    • In the printer selection dropdown, select “Save as PDF” or “Adobe PDF” 
    • Click the print button and you will then select the file name and location the file will be saved.  

*Programs vary in process for creating a PDF. The above options are using PowerPoint. If using a different program for your slides, the exact details may differ.  


Recording Your Video or Audio Presentation for the Abstract Gallery  

All presenters are asked to upload an audio or video file of them presenting that is 5 minutes or less. Meeting delegates will be able to play this recording when viewing your slides to learn more. This recording is an opportunity to reach more delegates and make more connections. 



  • If you would like to record a video for upload, we ask that you follow the IADR recording tips
  • Meeting delegates will be able to view your poster at the same time as listening to your recording, so there is no need to have an image of the poster displayed while speaking.  
  • IADR recommends testing your audio and video with a short recording before recording your entire presentation. Record a short clip, then play back to check for audio and video quality. Once you complete your full recording, play back the full presentation to ensure the quality is how you want before uploading to IADR.  
  • Video format must be .mp4 to upload 
  • If you record with a phone or tablet, you will want to send to your computer to upload to IADR. 
  • The simplest method of recording is using the native video applications on your computer.  



  • If you prefer an audio only presentation, you can record the file using your computer or phone and upload as an .mp3 or .m4a file.  
  • Depending on the device you are using, you can use any of the following for your recording or use another program you are comfortable
    • Windows or Android Device:  
      • Voice Recorder is a native app on windows devices. Open the start menu and search for “Voice Recorder”  
      • Open the app and when ready click the blue mic button to begin recording.  
      • After you have completed your recording, you can trim the start or end if necessary and save, then open the file location to locate the file to upload.  
      • If using an android device, you will want to send the file to your computer for upload to the IADR system.  
    • Mac or iOS:
      • Open the Voice Memos application on your mac computer or apple device. 
      • Start the recording using the red record button and click done when you are finished.  
      • After the recording is complete, you can use the edit tools to trim the start and finish of the recording and save 
      • If using an iPhone or iPad, you will want to send the file to your computer to upload to the IADR system.  
    • IADR recommends testing your audio with a short recording before recording your entire presentation. Record a short clip, then play back to check for mic quality. Once you complete your full recording, play back the full presentation to ensure the quality is how you want before uploading to IADR.  

Additional Presentation tips will be provided in Speaker Training Guides closer to the General Session.  


virtual platform instructions and information: 



Presentations will take place in the IADR Virtual Experience Platform. This platform uses Zoom for all sessions. You will need to ensure the computer you are using to present from is up to date and should test all your equipment before the day of your presentation. 


Test Zoom  

  • Visit and create Free account if needed 
  • This will launch a zoom meeting where you can practice your audio, camera, and screen sharing 
  • We will be using the Zoom for this webinar and the same general features you see here in your free account will work with some changes noted later. 


Test Your Audio 

  • A standalone microphone provides better quality than built-in computer mics. 
  • If using headphone mic, ensure it is clipped to your shirt so it does not move and bump your shirt as you move 
  • Visit to test your mic 


day of presentation preparations:  


Speaker Readiness Preparations for Virtual Preparations:  

  • Speaker resources for navigating the IADR General Session Virtual Meeting Platform will be made available after the presenter pre-registration deadline of May 17, 2021. 


Powerpoint Presentations 

  • Slides should be in 16:9 format 
  • Use a font size larger than 16 points.  
  • Use fonts with consistently thick lines.  
  • Members of your audience may be color blind. For graphs, avoid using red and green together. Blue/orange is a common colorblind-friendly palette. Blue/red or blue/brown can be used as a substitute. 
  • Use a high color contrast for text and background of slides (such as dark text on a light background). 
  • Additional information regarding formatting of your presentation will be available in the online pre-upload site. 


General Presentation Tips: 

  • Give an opening statement to acquaint the audience with the nature and purpose of the study. 
  • Briefly describe procedures and materials. Define all trade names first, then use generic names throughout. All compounds and drugs must be identified. 
  • Allocate most of the presentation time to the results of the study. State the results simply and clearly so that significant facts can be readily identified. 
  • Conclude the presentation with a brief summary of the essential results you believe were demonstrated by the experimental data. 
  • Please be sure to be present in the session room for the 15-minute discussion period(s), if scheduled.