Download links for completed translations are on this page temporarily; more formal pages will be developed as part of overall website development.  If a download link is not provided, the translation has not been completed; status of the translation and last date of updating are shown.  Please contact the team leader(s) if interested in knowing more about a DC/TMD translation.

Language Translation Team Leader(s) Translation Status (date updated) Translation Package (zip)
Arabic Mohammad Al-Harithy
Expert Panel  (October 2017)

Chinese (short form) Kai-Yuan Fu; Adrian Yap Completed (July 2016); revised instrument footers (Nov 2017)
Daija (Arabic dialect for Morocco)
Meriem El m Daghri; Andoh Abderrahman
External Review  (October 2016)

Danish Karina Bendixen
External Review  (May 2016)