President Chris Peck  Sydney, Australia  c.peck@usyd.edu.au
President-elect Justin Durham  Newcastle, England  Justin.Durham@newcastle.ac.uk
Secretary/Treasurer Michail Koutris  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  M.Koutris@acta.nl
Immediate Past President Frank Lobbezoo  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  f.lobbezoo@acta.nl


Communication Manages social media. Iacopo Cioffi Toronto, Canada iacopo.cioffi@gmail.com
Data Management Corine Visscher, Amsterdam, The Netherlands c.visscher@acta.nl
Examiner Training and Reliability Develops standards and conducts examiner training, calibration, and reliability studies. Per Alstergren Malmo, Sweden per.alstergren@mah.se
Governance Review, update, and develop the Consortium by-laws as the aims and objectives evaluate through the vision of the stakeholders with the advancement and accumulation of new knowledge. Jean-Paul Goulet, Quebec City, Canada jean-paul.goulet@fmd.ulaval.ca
Nomination Selection of candidates and election of new officers for the president-elect and secretary-treasurer positions. Thomas List, Malmo, Sweden thomas.list@mah.se
Taxonomy Mark Drangsholt Seattle, US

Don Nixdorf Minneapolis, US

Translations and Protocols Develops guidelines for formal translation of scientific instruments; facilitates, reviews, and approves translations. Richard Ohrbach Buffalo, US ohrbach@buffalo.edu
Website Manages the Consortium website. Richard Ohrbach Buffalo, US

Juan Fernando Oyarzo Chile