2012 Iguacu Falls, Brazil International Consensus Workshop: DC/TMD Research Tools (continuation from San Diego, 2011) Closed invitational workshop
2012 Iguacu Falls, Brazil Expanding the scope of the diagnostic criteria for temporomandibular disorders (DC/TMD) Symposium
2012 Iguacu Falls, Brazil Orofacial pain biomarkers: implications for pain prevention, management, and research Symposium
2011 San Diego, California The OPPERA Case-Control Study: Putative Risk Factors and Mechanisms for Persistent TMJD Pain Closed invitational workshop
2011 San Diego, California  International Consensus Workshop: Diagnostic Criteria for Temporomandibular Disorders: Research Tools Symposium
2010 Barcelona, Spain Diagnostic Criteria for TMD (DC/TMD): A New Version of the RDC/TMD Symposium
2009 Miami, Florida International Consensus Workshop: Convergence on an Orofacial Pain Taxonomy Closed invitational workshop
2009 Miami, Florida Co-morbid Conditions Related to TMD: Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Psychosocial Impact, and Management Symposium
2008 Toronto, Canada Validation Studies of the RDC/TMD: Progress toward Version 2  Open workshop
2008 Toronto, Canada Orofacial pain in children and adolescents: Epidemiology, risk factors, impact and management Symposium
2007 New Orleans, LA Examination Skills Development for the RDC/TMD Workshop
2006 Brisbane, Australia Neuropathic Orofacial Pain: from Basic Science to Clinical Management Symposium
2005 Baltimore, MD The Challenge of Universal Diagnostic Criteria: The Case of TMDs Symposium
2005 Baltimore, MD Longitudinal Studies of Orofacial Pain: Challenges and New Findings Symposium
2004 Honolulu, Hawaii Clinical Findings in Temporomandibular Disorders: Challenges to Determining Validity Symposium
2003 Goteborg, Sweden International Multi-center Clinical Research: Issues and Challenges with a Focus on Chronic Pain Symposium
2002 San Diego, CA TMD Around the World: Initial Findings from the International Consortium for RDC/TMD-based Research Symposium
2001 Chiba, Japan Surveying the Feasibility of an International RDC/TMD-based Research Consortium Symposium
2001 Chiba, Japan New Insights into the Pathology and Diagnosis of Disorders of the TMJ Symposium


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2015  Boston, Massachusetts
  • Executive committee reports
  • Committee reports: translations, examiner training and reliability, nomination, communication
  • Current business: group name, headache criteria recommendations, merger by AUTOPP
  • By-laws revision
  • New committees: governance, taxonomy
  • Financial issues
  • Planning for IADR/Seoul, 2016
2014 Cape Town, South Africa
Welcome by new President
Committee Reports: translations, examiner training and reliability, nomination, website
Diagnostic software for TMD
Potential merger of AUTOPP with Consortium
Headache attributed to TMD diagnosis and ICHD-3
Bylaws revision
Planning for IADR/Boston 2015
2013 Seattle, Washington
Update on membership
Committee Reports: translations; examiner training and reliability; nominations
DC/TMD publication update
Reports from Iguacu Falls workshops: Expanded TMD taxonomy; Axis II instrument review
Biomarker project
Consortium vision for the future
Attendees: 42 members and 8 non-members
2012 Iguacu Falls, Brazil
Update from San Diego 2011 workshop
DC/TMD publication
Committee Reports: translations, examiner training, nominations
2011 San Diego, California
Update on progress with the DC/TMD protocol
Report from San Diego workshop (just completed) regarding RDC/TMDv2
Open discussion session for strategic planning
Committee Reports: translations, examiner training, nominations
2010 Barcelona, Spain
Update from Miami workshop, “Convergence on an Orofacial Pain Taxonomy”
Publication process for the DC/TMD
Committee Reports: translations, examiner training and reliability, Website
2009 Miami, Florida
Review of workshop “Convergence on an Orofacial Pain Taxonomy”
Committee Reports: translations, examiner training and reliability
2008 Toronto, Canada
Consortium contributions to the Cochrane Collaboration
Review of workshop, “Validation Studies of the RDC/TMD”
Planning for consensus workshop regarding further development of the RDC/TMD
Committee Reports: website developments, translation protocols, examiner training
2007 New Orleans, Louisiana
Announcement of Consortium as a Network within IADR
Bill Maixner (US): Genetics of orofacial pain – promising topic for international collaborative studies?
Marylee van der Meulen (the Netherlands) and Richard Ohrbach (US): Assessment of oral parafunctions – a possible construct for expansion of the RDC/TMD protocol
Yoly Gonzalez (US): Reliability of self-report instruments
Don Nixdorf (US): Dental practice-based research networks and feasibility of orofacial research
Eric Schiffman (US): Revising the RDC/TMD – the need for discussion
Committee Reports: translations, data collection, communications, research
2006 Brisbane, Australia
Frank Lobbezoo (The Netherlands): Multi-centre study on TMD classification
Iven Klineberg (Australia): Ethnicity in TMD
International Audit: Anne McMillan (Hong Kong), Sandro Palla (Switzerland), Mark Drangsholt for the Danish group, Chris Peck (Australia)
Committee Reports: translations, research, data collection and management
2005 Baltimore, Maryland
Proposal for Consortium to become a Network
Eric Schiffman (US): RDC/TMD Validation Study
Octavia Plesh (US): Multi-site US study of pain in ethnic groups
Marc Schmitter (Germany): Heidelberg validation study: The random forest method
Mike John (Germany): Consortium recommendations for outcomes measures
Mark Drangsholt (US): Orofacial neuropathic pain taxonomy
Ambra Michelotti (Italy): Consortium research goals
Octavia Plesh (US): Cultural adaptation of the RDC/TMD for Black Americans
New committee developed: Examiner Training and Reliability
Committee Reports: website, translations
2004 Honolulu, Hawaii
John Look (US): RDC/TMD – Reliablity and Validity study
Mark Drangsholt (US): Pain in Adolescents: Biologic/psychosocial risk factors study
Frank Lobbezoo (The Netherlands): Pilot validation project of the RDC/TMD
Richard Ohrbach (US): Cultural equivalency of instruments
Mike John (Germany): Consortium recommendations for outcomes measures
Sam Dworkin (US): Funding possibilties for the Consortium
Sandy Myers (US): Data registry and methodology for the TMJ Implant Registry
Discussion regarding citations to the RDC/TMD protocol
Committee Reports: website, translations
2003 Goteborg, Sweden
Kimberly Huggins (US) & Mike John (Germany): Training, calibration, and reliability of protocol-based examiners
Richard Ohrbach (US): Translations of the RDC/TMD
Adrian Yap (Singapore): Electronic data collection
Thomas List (Sweden): Research planning
2002 San Diego, California
Sam Dworkin (US): Planning grant objectives
Adrian Yap (Singapore): Data management
Thomas List (Sweden): Research planning
2001 Chiba, Japan Organizational meeting