Thank you to those student leaders who are serving as Regional Representatives (RRs) for the AADR NSRG. Without you, the NSRG would not be able to accomplish all it does. Please use the resources below to learn more about RR duties,

Regional Representative Listings

Schools & Contacts in Each Region

Awards to Promote to LSRGs

AADR Regional Representative Description & Duties

There are 3 forms online we ask that you complete in the coming months and over the next year continue to complete when appropriate. These help us stay informed on the LSRGs. The first form is a priority in determining what LSRGs are active and the correct contact information for LSRGs. The 2nd and 3rd Form help us spotlight happenings at LSRGs.

Task 1: LSRG Contact Information

Task 2: Dental Student Researcher Spotlight

Task 3:Recent Research Based Events of Each School in Your Region