Distinguished Lecture Series Speakers
Keynote Addresses




Eric Green

National Institutes of Health
Director, National Human Genome Research Institute
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

"The Human Genome Project Was Just the Beginning: Research Opportunities at
‘The Forefront of Genomics’"


This lecture is sponsored by an unrestricted educational grant from Dentsply Sirona.




FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2020

Otis W. Brawley

Johns Hopkins University
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Oncology and Epidemiology
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

"Cancer Control in the 21st Century"





Janine Austin Clayton 

National Institutes of Health
Professor, Microbiology-Infectiology and Immunology
Director, Office of Research on Women’s Health
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

"Sex and Gender Influences Across the Biomedical and
Dental Research Continuum: A Value Added Proposition"



Behavioral, Epidemiologic and Health Services Research

Much to Offer: Making Best Use of Economics in Oral Health Research

Stephen Birch (The University of Queensland, Woolloongabba, Australia)

Tailored Cariology: Are We There Yet? 

Falk Schwendicke (Charite University, Berlin, Germany)

Impact of Acculturation and Children’s Dental Services Utilization in the United States

Christopher Okunseri (Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wis., USA)


Cariology Research

Can Fluoride be a Therapy for Dental Caries?-The Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride

May Mei (University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand)


Clinical and Translational Science Network

The Potential Impact of the Human Microbiome for Our Health

Karen Nelson (J. Craig Venter Institute, La Jolla, Calif., USA)


Craniofacial Biology

Susan Herring (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)


Dental Materials

Wear and Abrasive Behavior of CAD/CAM Ceramic Materials

Marina da Rosa Kaizer (New York University, New York City, USA)


New Uses of Methacrylates and Alternative Monomers in Dental Materials

Jeffrey Stansbury (University of Colorado, Aurora, USA)


Smart Biomaterials to Prevent Oral Biofilms and Dental Disease: Challenges and Recent Advances

Santiago Orrego (Temple University, Philadelphia, Penn., USA)


Graphene for Advanced Dental Materials and Craniofacial Tissue Engineering

Vinicius Rosa (National University of Singapore)


How to Improve Bond Longevity

Lorenzo Breschi (University of Bologna, Italy)


Bone Tissue Engineering for the Next Centennial – Where we Were, Are and Now Going

Paulo G. Coelho (New York University, New York City, USA)


Materials Design for Periodontal Regeneration

Thomas G. Diekwisch (Texas A&M University, College Station, USA)


Update on Ultrasonics for Surgery and Implant Maintenance in Dentistry

Damien Walmsley and Nina Vyas (University of Birmingham, England)


The Blue Light Hazard–How Worried Should we be?

Jack Ferracane (Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, USA) and Richard Price (Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)


Color Research: Bench to Chairside

Razvab Ghinea (The University of Granada, Spain)


Geriatric Oral Research

Gerodontology for Achieving Health Longevity Society: New Challenges in Japan

Shunsuke Minakuchi (Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)


Mineralized Tissue

Enamel Protein Interactions, Function and Application in Tooth Repair

Janet Moradian-Oldak (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)



Sex, Gender and TMD Pain Across the Life Cycle: Existing Evidence and Unresolved Questions

Linda LeResche (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)


Oral Health Research

A Century of Prevention: Where are We Going Next?

Deborah Lyle (Water Pik, Inc., Fort Collins, CO, USA)


Pediatric Oral Health Research

Kimon Divaris (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA)


Periodontal Research

Should Antibiotics be Rationed in Periodontics-if Yes, How?

Andrea Mombelli (University of Geneva, Switzerland)