Email Security and Awareness

IADR members should know IADR takes every possible path to ensure the safety of our members' personal information. IADR does not sell any member or contact data. All 3rd party vendors that IADR uses and who gain access to contact information have to comply with IADR and GDPR data privacy policies.  

Despite these measures, there are many bad actors, who spoof (impersonate) the email addresses of IADR leadership and vendors to take advantage of those associated with IADR. No representative of IADR will ever reach out requesting money sent to another IADR representative. 

DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE EMAILS. If you are being asked to send money or for personal information that seems not in line with your IADR activities, use caution in responding. 

For more guidance on identifying potentially fraudulent emails, view this simple guide on phishing awareness.

If you are in doubt about the legitimacy of an email claiming to be associated with IADR, please reach out to IADR GHQ by email at @email or using the chat module in the bottom right page of every IADR webpage. 

IADR and AADOCR have been hit with this same activity multiple times. We have implemented safety measures by locking access to emails to only members of the IADR and AADOCR, however these individuals may Google names and easily find addresses on university or publication sites.

The following email addresses are those used by our vendors in contacting IADR members and meeting attendees. Still use caution in case of email spoofing by following the tips in the above guide if you question the email. 

IADR Partner Emails


EmailVendor NameTypes of Emails Sent
ScholarOne Manuscripts Notifications about manuscript submission, decisions, and invitations to submit manuscripts. Invitations to review manuscripts
onbehalfof@manuscriptcentral.comSageTrack (JDR &JDR CTR)Notifications on submissions to Journal of Dental Research and JDR Clinical and Translational Research. 
societymember@sagepub.comSage Support Support from the JDR and JDR CTR Publisher Sage
onbehalfof@abstractcentral.comScholar One AbstractEmails related to abstract and session proposal submission, decision, and scheduling. Also invitations for session chairs and reviewers. 
alerts@ativsoftware.comATIV Software General Session & Annual Meeting platform. Emails about mobile app, personalized schedule, speaker upload confirmations
noreply@presentmore.comPresentMore ID Meeting AV partner. Notifications about presenter PPT upload advance of General Session & Annual Meeting
noreply@HotelMap.comHotelMapHotel booking confirmations or updates
no-reply@awardsandgrants.comAwards and Grants Award Applicants, Nominators, Committee Members that serve on IADR or AADOCR Awards Committees
DoNotReply@ConnectedCommunity.orgHigher Logic (IADR Community)Daily Digests summarizing discussion posts. Subscriptions can be adjusted in account settings under ‚ÄúCommunity Notifications‚ÄĚ.
Mail@ConnectedCommunity.orgHigher Logic (IADR Community)Notifications of direct messages from other IADR Members within the Community
webinars@blueskyelearn.comBlueSky eLearnIADR and AADOCR Webinars. Notifications about registration, attendee reminders, recordings.