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The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) began the Adopt-a-Member program in September 1996. The purpose of the program was to provide IADR members with the opportunity to support colleagues who did not have the means to become a member. Secondly, the program aimed to support oral and dental researchers in developing parts of the world with the ultimate purpose of providing a basis for a Section/Division of the IADR. In its first year, the program raised $3,343 USD for three regions: Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Due to the success of the program, Latin America was added in 1997. In August 2001, IADR began targeting Divisions/Sections in Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and Latin America.

The program has grown over the years. In 2017, over $6,300 USD was collected from corporate sponsors and individual members.

The following Divisions/Sections and regions will benefit from the 2018 Adopt-a-Member program and will be eligible for the program in future years:


  1. Contributions are collected on a “dues cycle” basis (typically August/September to August). Amounts collected in any given cycle will be available for use in the following membership year. This will ensure that funds committed to the targeted regions have actually been received.
  2. Contributions are raised via the annual invoicing process. The targeted Divisions/Sections are listed on the IADR invoice. Contributors simply select the targeted Division/Section and enter the amount contributed. Individuals, institutions and corporations are welcome to contribute funds.
  3. Memberships are only provided on a one-year basis. No multi-year commitments can be made. Fund availability is not guaranteed for future years.
  4. Funds can only be used for IADR membership and one included Group/Network. Adopt-a-Member funds cannot be used for Division/Section dues, additional Group/Network dues or journal subscriptions.
  5. Targeted Division/Section Treasurers will be notified in September/October 2017 for all funds available for use in the 2018 membership year.
  6. Targeted Division/Section Treasurers must allocate funds by early December 2017, although names will be accepted until monies are depleted. The IADR Global Headquarters requires a spreadsheet detailing the person’s name, membership ID number, and the amount allocated for each member. If adopted members are new members, the Division/Section Treasurer must provide contact information (name, address, email, phone/fax and graduation date if student) or a completed membership application for each new member using the program's funds.
  7. All funds contributed towards the Adopt-a-Member program must be used within 2 years by the Division or Section. Funds that are not used by a Division or Section will then be transferred to a general "Division/Section in Need" Adopt-a-Member account, and these funds will be allocated to other Divisions and Sections by determination of the IADR Board of Directors and/or Executive Director.
  8. All contributors are acknowledged and listed in the IADR Annual Report. In addition, the statistics regarding the funds raised for each targeted region are disclosed.

If you have any questions regarding the Adopt-a-Member Program or other IADR/AADR programs and services, please contact Erika Duffy, Assistant Manager, Governance via email at eduffy@iadr.org