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Implantology Group (IRG)

The Implantology Research Group has a wide scope of basic, translational and clinical implant and peri-implant research that encompasses osseointegration, implant biomaterials research, cellular responses to biomaterials, surgical techniques, prosthodontic research, and digital dentistry advances applied to dental implantology.


About Us

The Implantology Research Group consists of educators, scientists and clinicians from across the world, whose scope of research targets all aspects of dental implants: materials and designs; placement techniques; types of restorations; and evaluation methods for a long term success. This Group’s lectures, seminars, symposia and Lunch & Learning sessions offer a forum to review and assess the latest advances in laboratory studies and clinical research – the latest research in implant surface textures and contact cell guidance, development of new implant designs and thread geometry, implant surgical techniques and loading protocols, standardized and advanced clinical implant procedures, and cutting-edge technology associated with implant dentistry.