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Lasers & Bio-photonics Group


About Us

The Lasers & Bio-photonics Group was created in 2022, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of lasers and general photonic devices in prevention and therapeutics and their ability to perform different procedures, and with improved outcomes in the craniofacial, oral, and dental areas.

The vision: The group envisages improving communication between scientific and education communities, clinicians, researchers, and the industry to allow a more effective investment of research in the right direction, and to move the technology forward as fast and efficiently as possible.

Who should be involved? Anyone with an interest or additional input to contribute to subjects related to lasers and photonic devices, regarding education, clinical use, research, development, mechanisms of action for any clinical use, either as a means of diagnostics, treatment of disease or dysfunctions, or tissue modulation to improve health or esthetics in the craniofacial, oral, and dental field. We encourage communication and partnerships between the scientific communities and unbiased support from the industry to promote research and awards amongst the group members and educational events.

Are you interested in volunteering with us in the following roles?

1.    Group Program Chair
2.    Coordinator for Lunch and Learning Sessions
3.    Abstract Reviewers

The people who are interested should contact Professor Romanos at: