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Microbiology/Immunology Group

The Microbiology and Immunology group is comprised of a diverse set of investigators that study oral microorganisms, immunity, and host-microbe interactions and how these influence health and disease.

Microbiology Immunology

About Us

The purpose of the Microbiology/Immunology (M/I) Research Group is to further the mission of the IADR/AADOCR by promoting oral health research, enhancing membership and participation in IADR/AADOCR, and fostering the communication and application of research findings that are relevant to dental science. To this end the MI Group was organized with the following objectives in mind: to foster interaction and collaboration among scientists interested in oral microbiology and immunology; to promote information exchange and collaboration among academicians and clinicians who are engaged in basic science research and clinical studies pertaining to oral health and disease; to provide a forum through which new investigators entering the field can begin to network with more established investigators; and to establish contacts with representatives of federal agencies and private industry as potential sources of funding for future studies.