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The MTG brings together all the scientists that work on the mysteries underlying enamel, dentin, cementum and bone mineralization, under normal and pathological conditions, in humans and in all the species displaying calcified tissues.

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The Mineralized Tissue Group is comprised of people who have a common interest in the mineralized tissues in the craniofacial region, which include enamel, dentin, cementum and bone in the mandible and maxilla. The Group members come from various backgrounds including developmental, molecular and cell biology, chemistry, mineralogy and materials science. The highly interdisciplinary nature of the Group makes it a great forum for presenting the cutting edge science from many areas of dental and craniofacial research. In addition, the Group provides a platform for lively exchanges of scientific ideas and serves a network for fostering research collaborations among its members.

The Group organizes research symposia on a variety of research topics, reflecting broad interests of its membership. One of the hallmarks of the Group is the focus on the young researchers. A friendly and collegial atmosphere makes it easy for young members to make contacts with more established researchers, many of whom are the global leaders in their fields. Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior independent investigators can count on support and advice from the seasoned group members for their career development and personal growth. Every year, the Group issues four travel awards to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to encourage them to attend the annual meetings of IADR and AADOCR.

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