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Stem Cell Biology

About Us

The mission of the IADR Stem Cell Biology Group is to disseminate knowledge of stem and progenitor cells and translation of fundamental discoveries towards novel clinical therapies or products that benefit oral health of patients. The Group is designed to collaborate with other Scientific Groups and societies, both within and outside IADR, to provide a forum for in-depth discussion of the roles played by stem cells in development, homeostasis, ageing and tissue regeneration.

The Stem Cell Biology Group promotes and encourages investigation of stem and progenitor cells and their multiple lineages including pluripotent and multipotent cells as well as cells that produce tissues of relevance to orofacial structures. Multi-disciplinary and novel approaches are encouraged to study stem/progenitor cells and their behavior ex vivo and in vivo. Genetic, biochemical, biomaterial, and physical regulation of stem/progenitor cells and end-lineage cells are among some of the increasingly powerful tools.

The Stem Cell Biology Group especially encourages the participation of new investigators, including trainees with interest and dedication to studying stem cell biology as well as well-established investigators who wish to use their expertise to interrogate stem cells.

Support the Stem Cell Biology Group

If you are interested in supporting and contributing to the Stem Cell Biology Group, consider the following options:

  1. Become a member and encourage colleagues and others to do likewise.
  2. Let us know if you are interested in any of the officers’ posts, by contacting the President or the Secretary.
  3. Attend our sessions, symposia, and business meetings and engage in communication face-to-face as well as through the website.
  4. Contribute financially by contacting the Treasurer, who will guide you.

We hope that you enjoy the information on our SCB site. We look forward to connecting with you via our social media, emails as well as meeting you in person.