Frank J. Orland, D.D.S., Ph.D.
The Forty-eighth President of IADR, 1971-72

Image of Frank J. Orland
  • Born 17 January 1917, Little Falls, New York, USA
  • Died 25 November 2000
  • (In Memoriam J Dent Res 79: 2024, 2000)

Inaugural Address delivered at Chicago, IL, 18 March 1971:
"Historical Perspectives Are a Prologue to the Decades Ahead"
(J Dent Res 50(5 Suppl):993-996, 1971)

Various academic posts, University of Chicago, 1941-1988
Professor emeritus, University of Chicago, 1988
Director, Zoller Memorial Dental Clinic, 1954-1966
Author, The First Fifty-Year History of the IADR
Author, William John Gies—His Contributions to the Advancement of Dentistry
Editor, Journal of Dental Research, 1958-1969