Martin Amsler Rushton, M.A., L.D.S., M.B., M.D.
The Forty-first President of IADR, 1964-65

Image of Martin Amsler Rushton

Born 29 March 1903, London, England

Died 16 November 1970, London, England
(In Memoriam J Dent Res 50: 327, 1971)

Inaugural Address delivered at Los Angeles, 21 March 1964.
Topic: The need for more internationality
J Dent Res 43: 725-728, 1964

Guy's Hospital, London, 1937-67

University of London, 1946-67
Professor, Dental Medicine & Pathology

Royal College of Surgeons, 1959-62
Dean, Faculty of Dental Surgery

British Dental Association
British Society for the Study of Orthodontics, 1947
British Society of Periodontology, 1957
Odontological Section, Royal Society of Medicine
British Division, IADR, 1960-62