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IADR Elects Pamela Yelick as IADR Vice-president

Alexandria, VA, USA, December 13, 2022 – Members of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) have elected Pamela Yelick, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, Mass., USA, to serve as Vice-president. Her term will commence at the conclusion of the 101st General Session of the IADR, which will be held in conjunction with the 9th Meeting of the Latin American Region and the 12th World Congress on Preventive Dentistry, from June 21-25, 2023 in Bogotá, Colombia. 

Pamela Yelick

Yelick is a professor of orthodontics and Director of the Division of Craniofacial and Molecular Genetics at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, as well as a member of the program faculty and Director of the Genetics Program at Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. She received her Ph.D. from Tufts University, Boston, Mass., USA and did her postdoctoral training at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, Mass., USA, and Research Associate training at the Harvard Biological Laboratories, Cambridge, Mass.

Yelick’s major research interests include genetic regulation of craniofacial development, disease, and regeneration. Her laboratory was the first to develop a bioengineered tooth model created from post-natal (as opposed to embryonic) dental stem cells, published in Journal of Dental Research (JDR) in 2002, which she has continued to develop using new materials and strategies such as novel hydrogel scaffolds and 3D printing technologies. Newly created zebrafish models for human craniomaxillofacial and skeletal diseases are being using to study molecular mechanisms regulating normal and dystrophic craniofacial and skeletal development.  

In addition, Yelick has published over 140 papers, with more than 6,000 citations, and has given more than 500 national and international presentations since 1983. Her key publications have focused on elucidating molecular genetic signaling pathways regulating craniofacial development and disease, and on the use of adult dental stem cells for dental tissue and whole tooth regeneration.  She is the Co-Founder and CSO of RegendoDent, Inc., founded in March 2022. 

As a member of IADR for over 30 years, Yelick has been actively involved in numerous activities and has contributed to the organization as a member of numerous committees, as well as serving as Treasurer on the Board of Directors of the American Association for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Research, Associate Editor of the Journal of American Dental Association Frontiers Science, Co-organizer of the IADR Women in Science Network, and a member of the JDR Editorial Board, among others.

“My long history with the organization has provided me with a close family of fellow researchers and clinicians who have supported and contributed to my personal and scientific growth into the research scientist and leader I am today,” said Yelick. “The tremendously valuable resources available through the IADR, including an extensive membership knowledge and leadership base, and key opinion leaders with an eye on the future of dental, oral, and craniofacial research, ensure the long-term viability and success of this unique and highly essential organization.”

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