IADR Distinguished Scientist Award

The Science Awards Committee has the responsibility of selecting awardees from among the nominations of renowned scientists submitted by Association members. The Committee consists of the Science Awards chair and the subcommittee chair for each award. The subcommittee members are composed of the previous award recipients. Appointments are made annually for a period of five years on a rotation basis. Any IADR member may nominate a candidate for a science award. Once a nomination is made, it is considered each year for five years unless the nominee is selected for an award during this period. After the fifth year, the nomination is withdrawn unless a re-nomination is received.

  • Science Awards subcommittees are composed of previous winners of the awards; therefore, subcommittee members may not be nominated again for the same award. Members of Science Awards subcommittees may be nominated by another subcommittee. Subcommittee members who have been appointed by the IADR President-elect and who have not already received their subcommittee's award may be nominated for any award; however, appointees must resign if nominated for the award of the subcommittee on which they currently serve.
  • ONLY IADR members may be nominated.
  • Posthumous nominations are not acceptable.
  • Nomination of an individual for more than one award in the same year is discouraged.
  • No person should be awarded two IADR Science Awards for the same research, with the exception of the Edward H. Hatton and Young Investigator Awards. Any nominations for a second award must include written evidence that the nomination is for work in a different field of research.
  • Nomination of members of the IADR Board of Directors is not allowed. If a new member of the IADR Board is a nominee, their nomination will be suspended for the period of their service on the Board.
  • All nominations made within the past five years must be reconsidered in the current selection unless the nominee was selected for an award.
  • Self-nominations are accepted.
Award Prize/Recognition

$3,500 and Plaque

Key Dates

Applications Open:

Jun 17, 2024

Applications Closed:

Sep 13, 2024

Any IADR member may nominate a candidate for a science award. All nominations must be submitted via the online system.
The following information MUST accompany each nomination and submitted electronically.

Only nominations submitted online will be accepted.

1. Nomination Reason (no more than 2 pages) describing the reasons you are nominating the individual for the particular award; and
2. Curriculum vitae (no more than 10 pages, 1/2 inch margins and font of at least 11 points or larger.)

The award consists of a $3,500 monetary prize and a plaque and is announced at Opening Ceremonies of the IADR General Session & Exhibition.

2024 Recipients

Award in Geriatric Oral Research

Supported by Haleon
Linda Slack-Smith, The University of Western Australia, Australia

Linda Slack-Smith
Basic Research in Biological Mineralization Award

Supported by Unilever Oral Care

Elia Beniash, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 

Elia Beniash
Behavioral, Epidemiologic and Health Services Research Award

Supported by CareQuest Institute for Oral Health
Lisa Jamieson, The University of Adelaide, Australia

Lisa Jamieson
Craniofacial Biology Research Award

Jacqueline Hecht, UT Health Houston, USA

Jacqueline Hecht
John Greenspan Global Oral Health Research Award

Supported by Haleon
Robert Weyant, University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Robert J. Weyant
H. Trendley Dean Memorial Award

Supported by Colgate-Palmolive Company
Kimon Divaris, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA

Kimon Divaris
Isaac Schour Memorial Award

Supported by an endowment provided by Dr. Bernard G. Sarnat and Rhoda G. Sarnat through the Sarnat Family Foundation
Sašo Ivanovski, The University of Queensland, Australia

Saso Ivanovski
Oral Medicine & Pathology Research Award

Tuula Salo, University of Helsinki, Finland

Tuula Salo
Pharmacology/Therapeutics/ Toxicology Research Award

Andrej M. Kielbassa, Danube Private University, Krems, Austria

Andrej Kielbassa
Pulp Biology & Regeneration Award

Supported by Dentsply Sirona
Paul Cooper, The University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Paul Cooper
Research in Oral Biology Award

Supported by Church & Dwight Co., Inc.
Pirkko Pussinen, University of Helsinki, Finland

Pirkko Pussinen
Research in Periodontal Disease Award

Supported by Colgate-Palmolive Company
Nikolaos Donos, Queen Mary University of London, England, United Kingdom

Nikos Donos
Research in Prosthodontics and Implants Award

Hirofumi Yatani, Osaka University, Japan

Hirofumi Yatani
Salivary Research Award

Supported by Unilever Oral Care
No recipient selected for 2024

William H. Bowen Research in Dental Caries Award

Supported by Kenvue
Eric Reynolds, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Eric Reynolds
Wilmer Souder Award

Supported by an endowment provided by the IADR Dental Materials Group
Frederick Rueggeberg, Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University, USA

Young Investigator Award

Supported by P&G Professional Oral Health, Crest + Oral-B
Gustavo Nascimento, National Dental Research Institute Singapore

Gustavo Nascimento

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