IADR Hatton Competition and Awards

The IADR Hatton Competition is designed to provide an opportunity for the best junior investigators from all IADR Divisions and Sections to present their research at the annual IADR General Session. Of these international competitors, up to six (6) may receive monetary prizes and commemorative plaques in the junior and senior categories.

Each candidate who participates will receive prepaid IADR meeting registration, as well as monetary prizes awarded to the six (6) winners of the Competition. The Competition will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. IADR will be funding meeting registration, 4 nights hotel stay, and will provide travel assistance of $1,000.00 USD.

Award Prize/Recognition

Each candidate who participates will receive prepaid IADR meeting registration, as well as monetary prizes awarded to the six (6) winners of the Competition. First prize -$1,600 and a Trophy, Second prize - $800 and a Trophy

Key Dates

Applications Open:

Jul 11, 2023

Applications Closed:

Oct 17, 2023

Categories of Competition:

Currently enrolled in a B.D.S./D.D.S. (Bachelor’s and/or dental degree). This competition will be limited to those candidates who have carried out their research as part of undergraduate/professional training (research undertaken as an undergraduate science student, as a dental student, or at a time of pursuing an intercalated science degree while in training as a dental student).

Entrants must be enrolled in a post-dental, post-graduate, or Ph.D. program or have performed the research submitted to the competition within three (3) years of their earning the award of Ph.D. Entrants for this category would have carried out research as part of a higher degree, either a Masters, Ph.D., or M.D. with previous laboratory experience, or as part of specialty training, and post-doctorals. The Senior Category is divided into two sections:

  • Clinical/Pre-clinical Research: Involving research on human subjects and/or epidemiologic studies.
  • Basic Science Research: Involving laboratory or animal research.

All candidates must be a current member of or, at the time of submission, have made bona fide application to the IADR.

The Competition is open to the Divisions and Sections of the IADR, who will hold a local competition to select their competitors for the IADR Hatton Competition.

The number of competitors a Division may enter is determined by the following formula, based on Divisional Membership:

Number of full IADR members in a Division
(NOT including student or retired members)*
IADR Hatton entries per Division
10-50 1
51-500 2
501-1000 3
1001-1500 4
1501-2000 5
2001 and up 6

*Each IADR non-Divisional Section with 10 or more members may select one (1) candidate upon successful completion of a Section Competition.

Candidates may be divided between the three categories of competition as the Division/Section wishes.

2023 Recipients

Junior Category – Second Place

Mariam Bqain
Efficacy of Silver-Fluoride Compounds on Root Caries using non-destructive XMT
Queen Mary University of London, England, United Kingdom
IADR British Division

Junior Category – First Place

Kisa Iqbal
LSD1-Induced Signaling Mechanisms Inhibition Sensitizes Oral Cancer For Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy
Boston University, Massachusetts, United States
IADR American Division

Senior Basic Science Category – Second Place

Alberto Vega
Expression Of Genes Coding For Proteins Involved In Cases Of Periodontitis
Universidad de Costa Rica, San Jose
IADR Costa Rican Division

Alberto Vega
Senior Basic Science Category – First Place

Emily Fisher
Wnt/β-Catenin Epigenetic Modifications Drive Age-Dependent Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Evolution
Boston University, Massachusetts, United States
IADR American Division

Emily Fisher
Senior Clinical Research Category – Second Place

Omotayo Francis Fagbule
Effect of Educational Interventions on Tobacco Uptake Among Nigerian Adolescents
University of Ibadan, Nigeria
IADR Nigerian Division

Francis Fagbule
Senor Clinical Research Category – First Place

Crystal Marruganti
The physical activity paradox and periodontitis: a population-based study
University of Siena, Italy
IADR Continental European Division

Crystal Marruganti

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