(INfORM) Investigator Awards

The International Network for Orofacial Pain and Related Disorders Methodology (INfORM): A consortium focused on clinical translational research (hereafter, International Network) in conjunction with Quintessence Publishing and Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache provides an award for early career clinical researchers/scientists. Each of the awards will be given to investigators for an outstanding clinical or translational research abstract and project pertaining to Orofacial Pain and Related Conditions submitted to the IADR General Annual Session & Exhibition.

Award Prize/Recognition
  • $500 - Samuel F Dworkin Predoctoral Award
  • $1000 - Barry J Sessle Postdoctoral Award
Key Dates

Applications Open:

Aug 01, 2024

Applications Closed:

Jan 24, 2025

  • The category for competition is based on applicant status at the time of submission of the application:
  • Pre-doctoral applicants - currently in a pre-doctoral B.D.S, D.D.S., D.M.D., M.D., or PhD program or other similar degree program.
  • Post-doctoral applicants - within 5 years of graduation of a higher doctoral degree and no longer enrolled in a degree-granting program.

Definition of clinical and translational research for the purpose of these awards

Applicable clinical research pertains to diagnostic criteria, management guidelines, statistical or design methodology, or findings relevant to any of those categories. Applicable translational research addresses the first or second translational gap, as defined by the Cooksey report diagram (2006) here or NIH roadmap here. The first gap pertains to “translating ideas from basic and clinical research into the development of new products and approaches to treatment of disease and illness” and the second gap pertains to “…implementing those new products and approaches into clinical practice”. Basic, discovery, or laboratory science that does not fit within these two translational gaps is outside the scope of this competition. In short, demonstrating relevance of the research to the mission of the International Network is essential.

Those considering applications based on basic or laboratory science pertaining to orofacial pain and related conditions are recommended to first refer to the IADR Neuroscience Group’s Wiley-Blackwell Investigator award description and determine if their research would better fit eligibility criteria for that award and, if so, then the research will not likely fit the criteria for this award. If individuals still have queries about the eligibility of their research after referring to the Neuroscience Group’s award criteria they should contact the Chairperson of the International Network’s award (listed at the end of this announcement) with a brief abstract (<250words) of their research in order to ascertain if it is eligible for inclusion in the International Network’s competition.

2024 Recipients

Samuel F Dworkin Predoctoral Award

Quintessence Publishing and Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headaches:
Alicia Böthun, Umeå University, Sweden


Barry J Sessle Postdoctoral Award

Quintessence Publishing and Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headaches:


Questions about this Award?

Donald Nixdorf

INfORM Award Contact

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Questions about this Award?

Corine Visscher

INfORM Award Contact

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