Event Policies

IADR Full Disclosure Policy

IADR seeks to provide participants in its education sessions with current, scientifically-based information relevant to dental, oral and craniofacial research, the practice of dentistry and the oral health of the public. Once a presenter is selected for a particular topic, IADR makes no attempt to control the content of the presentation or the content of any submitted abstract. Therefore, in submitting an abstract for presentation and publication, a presenter represents and warrants to IADR that any intellectual property associated with or contained in the content of the abstract or presentation is owned by the presenter or the presenter is authorized to use said content along with any applicable intellectual property associated with the content. 

A presenter may be required by IADR to provide adequate written assurance that the presenter is authorized to use the content of the abstract or presentation. In the event IADR requests such written assurance and the presenter fails to provide the requested documentation, the presenter may be denied the ability to make the presentation. For any abstract or presentation, the presenter and any applicable co-authors of the content must be identified by full name and any affiliation. The presenter also has received the approval from the co-author(s) to have their name(s) associated with the abstract and its content prior to submission. 

The presenter further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless IADR from any and all claims of third parties regarding the content of the abstract or presentation, including but not limited to any claims of infringement of intellectual property or misappropriation of proprietary or trade secret information. 

In order to ensure fairness to the audience and the public, however, IADR requires each presenter and co-authors to disclose: 

  1. Any financial relationship between the presenter and co-authors and 
    1. A company that manufactures or distributes a product discussed in the presentation, or
    2. A company whose product competes, or may compete, with a product discussed in the presentation must be disclosed to the IADR upon approval on the abstract form and must be disclosed to the audience at the beginning of the presentation.

      As used in this document, "financial relationship" includes a consulting arrangement or the conduct or research for the company by the presenter or co-author or a member of the presenter's or co-author’s immediate family. It also includes ownership of stock or other interest in a company by the presenter or co-author, and/or a trust of which the presenter, co-author, or a member of the presenter's or co-author’s immediate family is a beneficiary, to the best knowledge of the presenter.
  2. All presentations must be made in a professional manner, without disparaging colleagues, companies or products. Unnecessarily demeaning comments and attacks on colleagues, companies or products are unacceptable.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in sanctions as deemed appropriate by the IADR, including denial of permission to present at future IADR meetings.