WW6 Beijing Declaration 2009

During the Sixth World Workshop on Oral Health and Disease in AIDS, 170 delegates from 25 countries discussed and unanimously endorsed the issue of the Beijing Declaration. This was based both on a careful analysis of scientific evidence over two decades and on the observation that there has been no detectable transmission of HIV from an infected health care worker to a patient in a dental setting over the last twenty years. During this time, many thousands of patients have been serologically tested without evidence of transmission (see Flint et al., 2011).

The Mouth and AIDS: The Global Challenge

21st to 24th April 2009
Beijing, China

The participants of the 6th World Workshop on Oral Health & Disease in AIDS, which took place from April 21-24, 2009, in Beijing, China, welcomed the opportunity to assess the evidence relating to the transmission of HIV in the dental setting from oral health care professionals to patients.

The participants from over 25 countries noted and considered the inconsistencies in the regulation of the ability of an HIV positive oral health care professional to continue practice.

Having analyzed the scientific evidence that has become available over the last 20 years, the participants of this workshop conclude that the evidence now supports the view that oral health care professionals with HIV do not pose a risk of transmission to patients in the dental setting. They can continue a career in clinical practice, provided that the following criteria are met:

  1. The individual is under ongoing care of a suitably qualified HIV health care professional.
  2. The individual remains aware of their health status and acts appropriately.
  3. Standard infection control is observed.
  4. Scientific evidence related to HIV transmission will continue to be reviewed.

Published 2011

S.J. Challacombe

Chairman of 6th World Workshop on Oral Health and Disease in AIDS; Department of Oral Medicine, Dental Institute, King’s College London, London, United Kingdom; corresponding author, stephen.challacombe@kcl.ac.uk 

Adv Dent Res 23(1):6, 2011