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Nutrition Research Group

Nutrition at the nexus of sound mind, mouth, and microbiome.

Nutrition Research

About Us

The Nutrition Research Group is comprised of IADR members who share an interest and expertise in research on nutrition and diet and their interrelationships to oral health, health promotion behaviors, and systemic health. Nutrition and diet are important in the prevention and treatment of many oral diseases and conditions such as caries, periodontal disease, oral cancer, salivary disorders and prosthodontic use, and an important component of epidemiology and public health research. In addition to the IADR objectives, the objectives of this Group are: to provide a focus and forum within the IADR for the exchange of scientific information related to nutrition research; to facilitate the exchange of ideas in this field by promoting formal and informal meetings, symposia and workshops; to promote the publication of research findings in diet and nutrition research, especially as it relates to oral health, oral health promotion, oral diseases and conditions; to encourage scientists, junior investigators and students to become involved in diet and nutrition research via seminars and discussions; and to help disseminate to the dental profession and the public, research findings in this area.