Event Policies

Symposia Financial Sponsorship

All corporate sponsorship is governed by the IADR Corporate Sponsorship Policy as adopted by the IADR Council in June, 2016. IADR Scientific Groups/Networks solicit sponsorship for symposia hosted at the AADOCR/CADR Annual Meeting and IADR General Session. The content of the symposium may not be influenced by any corporate support through sponsorship, speaker or content selection. Violations of the IADR Corporate Sponsorship Policy may result in further actions by the IADR Board of Directors, up to, and including withdraw of the symposium from the scientific program.

IADR Groups/Networks must agree the IADR Corporate Sponsorship Policy has been followed in obtaining symposium sponsorship. Additionally, the following processes outline how the financial sponsorship will be handled by the Group/Network and IADR Global Headquarters.

If the IADR Scientific Group/Network obtains a financial sponsorship for a symposium:

  1. IADR will invoice the sponsor and process payment on behalf of the Scientific Group/Network after the invoice form is completed by the IADR/Group/Network.
  2. Symposia organizer(s) must communicate reimbursement amounts to presenters and IADR Global Headquarters.
  3. IADR will follow up with instructions for processing reimbursements to all presenters.
  4. IADR manages speaker travel reimbursements for the presenters.
  5. Sponsorship may include transportation reimbursement, hotel accommodations, or other expense reimbursements as defined by the symposium organizer.
  6. If registration is to be included as part of the sponsorship, IADR will process the registrations for the presenters.
  7. If registration fees are not covered as part of the symposium sponsorship, all presenters must first register for the IADR/AADOCR meeting before any travel funds will be disbursed.
  8. A list of speakers and reimbursement amount should be provided to IADR staff by the symposium organizer(s) BEFORE the travel is booked by any presenter.
  9. An administrative fee of 8% will be charged by IADR.
  10. Total reimbursements to presenters should not exceed the full amount of the sponsorship plus the 8% administrative fee.
  11. Presenters will not be reimbursed for transportation until after the IADR/AADOCR meeting upon submission of receipts.
  12. Presenters have the option of booking economy class roundtrip air travel using IADR’s official travel agency.
  13. Presenters have the option for IADR to book single hotel reservations directly at one of the official meeting hotels to be paid directly by IADR/AADOCR (excludes incidental expenses incurred at the hotel) for the number of nights allocated as part of the sponsorship.
  14. Presenters who choose not to stay in official IADR/AADOCR hotels will not be reimbursed for accommodations.
  15. Remaining sponsorship revenue not reimbursed to presenters will be applied to overall meeting sponsorship.

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